Fakeee1: "Being in Smart Spin showed me how well-structured this game can be"

Meet a player who found Smart Spin to be the perfect environment for improving in all areas.

Choosing poker for a career is a rollercoaster ride. It can be challenging and exciting but for sure it is life-changing. Poker is not only a job, something that you do in order to „earn a living”. Once you get committed to it, your life will orbit around this game and poker will become your lifestyle. This is a fact and Smart Spin members know it.                  

Among our players, there are some heroes who are doing a really good job but they are sitting in the back, laying low. We decided to put some light on their hard work. Today we present you Fakeee1, a member playing at the $60 stake.

I played in Vegas, baby!


adaeg: Hello, Fakeee1! Thank you for agreeing to this interview. Let's get to the point; - what did you do before joining Smart Spin?

Fakeee1:  Just before joining Smart Spin I was playing $100 Sit and Go Hero on Party Poker in Grind Club which was a poker school like Smart Spin, but much smaller. Also, I was a coach there. Then around May or June Grind Club players joined Smart Spin, so I was almost automatically signed by the team. It wasn't as sudden as it may seem because we have cooperated with Smart Spin since early 2017.


adaeg: How did you see life before deciding to join this team?

Fakeee1: To be honest I don't see life very differently before and after joining the team. Of course, my perception regarding poker changed in some way which is for sure connected to my whole life picture. Being in Smart Spin showed me how well structured this game can be and that you may even find someone who takes care of you and helps you build your career properly. What's best is that you are learning things not only related to poker skills but also you can look for pieces of advice if you have some life struggles.

I bought this car with my own money. This is big stuff.


adaeg: Life struggles? What are you referring to when you say that?

Fakeee1: For example, like a week ago, Banis adviced me to take catering which I did and that was for sure a very good move. Not wasting time on cooking at all now, and outsourcing that one thing gives me like 1-2h more per day. Maybe that is a funny example but I believe you won't be left alone here, regardless of your need.


adaeg: I understand you feel connected here in the Smart Spin community. What about the learning material provided by our poker school? What do you use the most and how do you feel about them?

Fakeee1: I feel very comfortable here in this team, but I think it would be even better if I would go to rally where I had an invitation, but sadly I couldn't attend it. I heard it was such a great time and I see it as an opportunity to meet some colleagues from the tables. I don't think I use specific learning method mostly, I just look at materials and if something is interesting or is about some skill that I am lacking at I just check it out.


adaeg: You said you feel the support of the people here.  Can you give me some names?

Fakeee1: I need to point two people here. Firstly, I live with Cebulaczek and we work together to improve our game skills and we also motivate ourselves. I think it could be very helpful to live together with another poker player if you want to make a huge progress and treat it professionally, of course, as long as you don't have a family etc. The second person who has an impact on my game is Fi_sh_ark_84. I had a coaching with him and I can talk about him only in superlatives. Huge knowledge and a gift for giving it away! Also, I'm in his small study group, which helps me improving even more.

Me and Vers before his leaving to Malta


adaeg:  Improvement seems to be a big priority for you which is great. Let's get a little more personal. Who is Fakeee1 What does he like to do in his spare time?

Fakeee1: My Name is Jacob and I live in Warsaw. I'm 21, currently studying economics at Warsaw School of Economics. I think I can call myself "party nerd". I have days when I don't have to leave my house and just play poker, games, watching tv series etc. But when the party starts, it can easily last for a few days. About my hobbies - I used to play chess when I was very young, even with a few successes, but I stopped the training too early (I didn’t love the game anymore. ) and I didn't have further successes. Now my love for the game came back, and I like to play for an hour or two from time to time. I also like to play basketball, but the older I get the harder it is to find friends to play. Everyone has less time for this.


adaeg: Life changes people. How did your life change while playing poker for all this time?

Fakeee1: I think it changed a lot, mostly financially. I'm a young guy who can live at a decent level. I bought myself a few things, including a car, I travelled a little (and I am planning to do this more often). When I was playing at PartyPoker I won a race where the prize was a trip to Las Vegas. So I achieved poker player's dream - playing in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the run didn't help and I lost some bucks. But of course, finances are not the only case here. I met a lot of great people, including my two good friends - VersssPL and Cebulaczek. And we are all connected to Smart Spin, me and Cebulaczek as players, Vers as a player and staff member. In February, I was in the Czech Republic for the first Poker Fever where I met some Smart Spin players and that was as well my first meeting with Banis, who is a great person overall and I need to mention him here too. I would call him - longterm and short-term help, whatever you need he will find a  great piece advice for you.


Congratulations, Fakeee1, on all the improvement that you did on yourself as a poker player and as a person!


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