Oxidosiss jumped the barrier of $100k EV!

Start making money like our hero did.

This summer our players managed to overcome their limits. Most of them didn't pay attention to the warm weather outside and they decided to stay inside. For some of them the long grinding sessions brought satisfactory results. For Oxidosiss, our $100 crusher, the hardwork that he did during this summer brought a spectacular achievement - 100k in EV!

Congratulations to Oxidossis for achieving $100k in EV and for crushing $100's with 45 cEV!


Let's see what our hero has to say about this big jump:


Saydana: It is always a pleasure to speak with you, Oxidosiss. How was your road to reach 100k in EV and how do you feel now that you obtained this great achievement?

Oxidosiss: During my Smart Spin journey I played all stakes starting with $7 Spin & Go’s and there weren't stakes I had to stay at "for longer". However, I managed to realize what my goal was and now I am feeling great, but I’m not going to rest on laurels and I want to make my next big step - 200k in EV! 


Saydana: So you are talking about some future plans? Do you want to invest your money in something on particular?

Oxidosiss: Yes, I want to do that and I will invest money in "something" in the future. I can say that I have partners and some ideas, but I want to keep them for myself. Actually, I’m considering relocating to Italy together with some top Smart Spin players because during the next period of time I want to focus mostly on poker. 


Saydana: Do you consider yourself a talented player or a hardworking one?

Oxidosiss: This is a very interesting question - on the one hand, someone can call me a talented player because before joining Smart Spin my poker experience was close to zero and now I'm crushing $100’s. On the other hand - I know that without regularity in terms of volume I wouldn’t be able to achieve this performance. If I had to choose one, I would choose talent because I did not spend much time analyzing hands during my career – Mostly, I learned just by playing and testing some concepts/plays and of course I need to add  that I wouldn’t be able to achieve these results without being surrounded by some great people like Weshero or faldorn07.


Saydana: Which was the major trigger in your poker career?

Oxidosiss: It was when I moved in a poker house and I started working with other Smart Spin players. Then I started to treat poker very seriously and I fully dedicated myself to it. I saw a lot of value in this game and I knew I could reach the top. Changing my attitude was a crucial moment


Saydana: A little bird told me that you are having some vacation plans for the period that is coming. What can you tell about this?

Oxidosiss: In august I was rather focused on poker and I didn't go on vacation, but during the next 3-4 weeks I am planning to visit Vienna because of the football match Austria Vienna - AC Milan and maybe I'll visit some warmer countries like Israel or Cyprus for one week.


Saydana: See you at 200k EV, hero!


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