Patrik Antonius

Who is Patrik Antonius?

Have you wondered who Patrik Antonius is?

For many, he is a long-time poker celebrity, having played in the biggest online and live games in the world.

Patrik Antonius is known for winning the biggest online cash game pot the world has ever seen and having played in the six out of ten biggest pots of online poker. Oh, and he won four of them, by the way.

Although he may be the most recognisable in the duo with Phil Ivey in the live cash games, not many understand how much impact the online poker had on him. He was playing long before big $500/$1,000 cash tables appeared on Full Tilt Poker, as he started his career in 2003.

Who is Patrik Antonius? He is the real online grinder.


A tennis prodigy

Today he is a 37-year old player with a lot of experience and tens of millions of dollars booked from playing poker.

But Patrik Antonius touched the cards for the first time when he was thirteen, and at that time, he didn't think he would ever take on this path to earn a living.

At that moment, his biggest passion was tennis, and he was spending most of his time on the court. He was believed to be the next Wimbledon winner, as one of his coaches called him. For a young boy, that may be an overstatement and even a prejudicial opinion which would harm him more than do any good to him. Thankfully, Patrik Antonius had an iron mindset which told him to continue on his path to greatness. And that mindset will be extremely helpful for him in the future.

Two years after this bold words, he was hit by the first back injury. For an inspiring sportsman, this was a disaster. He was forced to stop playing tennis for over eighteen months and for someone with such a love for the game, it was surely eighteen months of nightmare.

But if not for that, he could end up as a tennis player and the poker world would lose such a fascinating personality.


A poker prodigy

During his absence from the tennis court, he came back to the forgotten game of poker. These were the times when no one heard about playing online, so Patrik Antonius had to settle for home games with the tournament buy-ins of $0.50 per game. Not much of an earning, right?

But these first steps in poker were crucial to him. Looking for the bigger games, he was a frequent visitor of the Helsinki Casino, but he was mostly a dead money for him. As a fish, a recreational player, he was only starting to learn how to make good money from poker. But these days were yet ahead of him.

But even at that times, he was a hero for his Finnish friends. He was already playing with the well-known grinders from the cold Scandinavia, such as Jani "KObyTAPOUT" Vilmunen, Sami "LarsLuzak" Kelpuro and Illari "Ziigmund" Sahamies.

Patrik Antonius was the most promising poker player, but once again, something disturbed his progress to greatness.

This time it was an obligatory army service. There, he came back to his oldest love - tennis. He was army's favourite, that's why he got special permission to use the tennis court as long as he wanted during his service.

Unfortunately, one more back injury has hit him. This time, it fully ruined his dreams of becoming the top tennis player in the world. He was forced to give up his love, and it was for sure a devastating break-up.


Lost in the world

After having his future crushed once again, he was unsure what to do next. He was trying his hands on many professions, including teaching how to cook in Italy. Can you imagine Patrik Antonius telling you what ingredients to use in your soup? Neither can we! He was also, unsurprisingly, a model for a short time, but that also did not work out. Finally, he was a tennis teacher for the youngsters; however, it was not the same feeling as competing against another highly skilled human being.

That was not his destiny, and he was well-aware of this fact. So he kept on looking his place in the world.

Many poker players started from being completely lost and unsure what to do in life. It's a horrible feeling which has hit many from the younger generation. The number of possibilities we've got in today's world makes it so much more difficult to choose what to do in life.

Patrik Antonius was no different. After rejecting so many possibilities to live his life, he finally came back to what he already tried in life.

He deposited $200 to an online poker room and never looked back.


Moving up and up!

He didn't stay long with the starting bankroll of $200. After a few months, he has already expanded it to $20,000, and it was just the beginning of his fantastic run.

He also had an urge to leave Europe and travel to the USA, the land of opportunity. He got a scholarship from one of the colleges there, packed his things and said goodbye to the Old Continent.

In the United States, he continued playing poker, and he was doing it with American recreational players who were just throwing away cash at the tables. These were the golden times of poker, and Patrik Antonius used them to the fullest. During the following six months, he increased his bankroll to $80,000 and started playing more live poker.

He was one of the members of "Circle of Outlaws", as the study group under Marcel Lüske was called. Soon, he was also taken under the wings of Jennifer Harman, one of the most recognisable women taking part in The Big Game in Bellagio. And probably she was the one to introduce Patrik Antonius there, too.

That's how he started playing live poker. And he was phenomenal there.


Going live

As you already know, Patrik Antonius holds the title for winning the biggest pot that the online poker world has ever seen. With just a mere 5-high street, he was able to dodge one of Isildur1's gazillion outs and win $1,356,947 in Pot Limit Omaha! It's unbelievable what games run in the past. However, these days are over, so with a high degree of probability, Patrik will be forever remembered as the winner of the biggest cash game pot.

However, he is not some one-shot winner as we already stated. He was the winner of the five out of ten biggest pots as well, and throughout his poker career, he earned $11 million dollars on his official account as a sponsored Full Tilt Poker pro and $6 more million under his "FinddaGrind" nickname.

Additionally, he quickly adapted to the live scene and started to conquer world poker circuits. He started with two great scores at the second season of European Poker Tour. He was eliminated third in the Main Event in Barcelona for €117,000, but he became the winner of the main tournament in Baden where he bagged €288,180! Not bad.

His first 7-digit win came in one of the events of World Poker Tour in Las Vegas. He was defeated in heads-up of $15,000 Main Event at the Fourth Annual Five Diamond World Poker Classic. He became $1,046,470 richer and became famous to the American people. It was over a decade ago, in 2005!

Australians also felt the power of a mighty Fin. Patrik Antonius ended second in the $250,000 Challenge during 2012 Aussie Millions for A$1,200,000 and fifth in the $100,000 Challenge during 2014 Aussie Millions for A$700,000.

2018 was the greatest year for his live tournament career. Unfortunately, at the same time, he got outshined by Justin Bonomo's incredible results in different kinds of High Rollers. But we still need to praise Patrik for his amazing skills!

To start off, he won half a million dollars in the €25,000 Super High Roller during partypoker MILLIONS Germany in Rozvadov. Then, he added over $200,000 in the Super High Roller of Asia Pacific Poker Tour in Macau. Three days later, he was once again defeated in heads-up of a Super High roller in Macau, but this time he broke his records in the live tournament winnings by adding over $3,000,000 to his name! After getting back to Europe, he once again crushed partypoker MILLIONS, but this time it was a Grand Final hosted in Barcelona where he earned yet another half a million dollars. If that's not enough, he got to the final table of EPT Main Event in Monte Carlo where he got eliminated in the sixth place. Still, he got over $150,000 richer.

Overall, his tournament results exceeded $11 million dollars and made him number one in Finland and... number 51st in the world. Maybe that second stat is not exciting enough, but being the top 100 most profitable poker players ever is definitely something to be proud of.

Not to mention, being a poker millionaire.


How much did Patrik Antonius earn on poker?

If you want to know how much Patrik Antonius is worth right now, the obvious answer is - we don't know.

He keeps a secret about his total earnings and does not want to share this part of his poker life with anyone. Even with his wife! That's a long-time secret he is probably going to take to his grave.

It's too bad we will never know the exact number, but it's one more thing that adds to his personality. This and his love for gambling.

We don't know how much Patrik Antonius lost or won on prop bets but in the poker community, he is quite known for being a risk-taker. He doesn't mind taking impossible high stakes bets to add some excitement to his life.

It is believed that Patrik Antonius played golf with Daniel Negreanu with a $150,000 bet... per hole! He won the tennis match against Brandon Adams with 10 to 1 odds as he bet $300,000 against his opponent's $30,000!

However, in one of the recent interviews, he stated that these prop bets hurt poker:

I am not sure this is good for poker and players. People see those crazy bets on TV and they think we are insane gamblers. This image looks like somewhat of a lunatic with no respect for money and love for gambling. I know this is a good show, but necessarily for poker.

Interesting words from someone who lost a costly match wearing scuba diving fins while at the same time, holding a frying pan instead of a regular racket.

But let's give him that. After so much he went through, he can do whatever he wants with his money.

Even if that means playing tennis with a frying pan.

Our CEO also met Patrik Antonius during his trip to Macau.


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