perez1187's story of four players

Four players, four different approaches... Which one are you? Which one would you like to be?

perez1187 is one of the coaches from our Top 5 $EV list and his exceptional teaching skills were noticed by our players in the last months. During one of the coachings, he got 80 Smart Spin members listening to his words, a remarkable achievement, we must say.

Today, we'd like to bring your attention to one of his latest recordings...


The story of four players

Over many months of giving coachings, perez1187 has seen a lot of players and heard many different stories.

Some of them were struggling to make a living, some were not able to leave the lowest stakes, but there was also a group which stormed through the stakes and got to the top.

Obviously, a lot of players would like to be a part of that group, and they may think that they are, but sadly, that belief is often crushed by the harsh reality.

But they try! They visit coachings, post hands on our forum, regularly play at the tables... so, what's wrong? Why can't they reach the top?

Listen to perez1187's story and learn why:




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