Pinkney999 won 100.000$

Will this jackpot change his life?

On the 12th of December Martin (Pinkney999) from the east midlands in the UK in Northamptonshire has caught and won a $100.000 jackpot while playing $10 games on PokerStars. He was casually playing a session when suddenly he saw a jackpot in the prize pool. The possibility of hitting such a game is 1 in 1.000.000! 25-year-old Martin works full-time as a postman and part-time as a poker player. In SmartSpin he made his way all the way from $0.25 to $25 games, he plays poker for about 6 years now. Pinkney999 has dreamt of becoming a professional poker player and making money by playing.

As we see dreams do come true!

We asked him to share some details about the game by asking him some questions:

What did you think when you found out you were playing for $100.000? Were you stressed?

“I was playing 4 tables at the time when this all happened, in fact, I was trying to do a rakeback promo which I had received so had to put the volume in. But when the gold popped up in my top left-hand screen I thought to myself, it was another 200x which I have had a few times before. The jackpot never crossed my mind but as soon as I saw the prizes 1st- 100k, 2nd- 10k, 3rd- 10k. My jaw then dropped and I was in disbelief, I was fully focused and committed to the table and wanted to get the other 3 out of the way. As for being stressed I wasn’t too stressed at the time it all happened. It was more of the fact of the all-ins, I had 2 flips which gave me a heart attack seeing the flop/turn and river. Maybe it would have been best to close my eyes. haha.”

Finally, it happened. It is a dream of every poker player to hit and win a Jackpot. How did you feel afterward? Were you shocked? What was the first thing you did after winning?

“It did happen and I still cannot get over that fact. It’s just something that wouldn't go through my mind considering the odds to hit it are so rare and to win it is just an amazing feeling. I couldn't stop shaking, I was working nights and this just happened a few hours before my shift had started. I actually screamed Yessssssss get the F*** In! Once I won the last flip heads up which was 55 v AKo. My GF came running in wondering what all the noise was about and had to explain to her what was going on and that I won 100k. She was over the moon for me since it has basically changed our life around. I told all of my friends/family and they were ecstatic for me and couldn't believe it themselves its just something which I never thought would happen to me. You see people winning it but never feel like you will ever hit it yourself.”

At any point during the game did you feel like something is not going your way? Were you worried you may not win?

“To be honest the hands went pretty simple I was playing against 2 reggish opponents and felt like I had some sort of edge against them I wasn't worried at all once I was playing that I wouldn't win as I was guaranteed 10k just for playing and would have been happy with that even if I did lose. The only thing which would have made me worried/stressed is if I made a huge mistake post/preflop during the game but I felt that I played very well considering how much I was playing for.”

Poker players have to face a lot of emotional swings while playing long sessions. Up to this game, how was your session going so far? Do you think your mindset has helped you win?

“The session I was playing I would say it happened around the 80th game I played on that day and I was running pretty hot. Maybe not winning net but as far as making EV I was printing money, it was one of those sessions in which you feel unstoppable and no one can beat you.

I feel my mindset played some sort of factor too, considering how well I have been running this month and the session in which it happened made me even more confident it was just destiny for me to win it and I did!“

We can imagine how such winning can turn your life around. Is there anything you wish you knew before playing this game? Do you have any advice for players who may face playing for top prizes in the future?

“As for advice I would give to players if they were in my situation I would try to just play the same way you would normally. Don't be afraid of losing because you have already won money. That's the way to think when playing for high prizes you already have the money, winning is just a bonus. But as far as playing normally I would still play aggressive and not play tighter due to the fact it’s a high multiplier. If anything I think being aggressive would work in your favor a lot in this position.”

And finally, did you already think about the plans regarding the prize? Will it change your attitude towards poker?

“If anything it has made me feel more motivated and determined to make more money from poker in the long-time future. After playing for 2 years you sometimes get burned out from playing too much and I think with this huge win will take me a good step in the right direction to achieve playing high stakes. With the prize money, I had a long think about it a few days after winning and I am going to be really sensible and not splash the cash is how the saying is. So as we were both saving to get a place together, this is a huge step to making it happened. I might go on a cheeky holiday somewhere to where I've never been before. Somewhere like Las Vegas as I have always wanted to go there in my lifetime. But most of the prize winnings will go towards sensible use.“

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14/07/2020 11:10:10

Congratulations For the win bro and really liked the last line of your interview answer, sensible use...appreciated it!!


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19/12/2019 20:57:47

Such an amazing feeling. Congratulations!

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