piter_prime got promoted to $60 stake!

A beautiful and successful poker story.

Congratulations to piter_prime for reaching the $60's stake at Spin & Go's! This is your reward for playing those 5,682 games with a 50 cEV.


Let's see this player's story: 


I wanted to start big, but ...

piter_prime: First of all, I need to point out that poker has never been my main source of income and I've always treated it like a hobby, hence I don't have any cool story about my poker background. I mainly played some micro cash games like NL25 or PLO25 but my results weren't anything to brag about. Ever since the introduction of spins I loved the format since it didn't require grinding 8 or more hours straight like some MTTs/cash games. I started to watch some streams and I had a great opportunity to watch a few sessions played by my real friends who are very good at this format. After receiving some tips and making significant improvements to my game, I managed to built a decent bankroll and took a shot at $100's. They crushed me in a month. I ran more than 120 BIs under EV even though I had almost 50 chips/game.


Luckily, I got saved... 

piter_prime: I felt miserable thinking I'll have to grind a year to get another shot at the top, but shortly after that my friend Trzcinek introduced me to Smart Spin and encouraged me to send my graphs to see if I was allowed to play something higher than 7's since that was all I could afford at that moment :D. I've sent my application and after a short discussion with killuifuplay, he allowed me to take a shot at $30's. The first month was great. I had a good run and I felt it's just a matter of days before I take a step higher. But as usual in poker, something suddenly happened and I started playing really bad for almost 3 weeks. That's when Trzcinek came to help me (again!) by giving me some private coachings, quickly pointing out my most obvious leaks and improving my mental attitude towards the game. It worked out perfectly and 2 weeks later, after playing a total of 5682 spins with a 50 cEV/game I managed to fulfil the promotion requirements. As you can see I owe a lot to one guy! 


Obviously, now I want to go back..

piter_prime: My next natural poker goal it's obviously to make it to the $100's and try to win back what I once lost (laughing). I'll maybe even afford to take Trzcinek for a beer then! As for my other hobbies, it has always been working out in the gym, football or some other type of sport since I have worked in the fitness industry for around 8-9 years now. However, my biggest hobby will be a reality very soon. I'm going to become a proud father in around a month. That's probably going to consume all of my free time or whatever is left of it.

I am not entitled to give any advice to my colleagues but I would like to say the most obvious one which is this: study, analyze, find your mistakes and eliminate them. This is what worked for me at least.


You did very well, hero! Congratulations and good luck in reaching the $100's!




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