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Critical thinking (questioning to understand)

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  1. I just follow all the advice. THAT'S NOT WHAT I PAID FOR TO THINK BY MYSELF
  2. I most of the time follow the strategies, but sometimes there are questions that arise in my head
  3. I am very frequently able to spot uncertainties of the theories, and I ask coaches to clarify my doubts
  4. I enjoy and often question the most common beliefs and strategies

By many, asking questions is perceived as a weakness. It's an open admission that someone doesn't know something. When we asked questions, teachers often punished us in school, especially if they didn't know the answer to the question.

The truth is, a person who asks questions might be perceived as dumb for a minute till he gets the answer. A person who never asks questions will stay dumb forever.

Another problem is that critical thinking isn't part of our daily lives because people often try to protect their rights or opinions instead of digging to the truth in a particular topic. Therefore if you want to be more skeptical and develop your critical thinking, you need to part your ego from the subject. The fact that someone criticizes your idea doesn't mean he attacks you. He thinks the idea isn't perfect and could be improved. 

To be open to critical thinking demands a lot of humility

Lack of critical thinking is often caused by obedience towards authorities. If you never questioned your authorities, now you might have the approach of passiveness and lack of independence. It's effortless to wait for a magic pill or rules assigned by someone else. Many people feel like following rules releases them from the responsibility of their decisions.

In Smart Spin, there's a conducive, safe environment to make mistakes and not be judged or embarrassed.

Check podcasts with people who reached high stakes! Listen carefully and try to train your critical thinking:

SmartSuperStar (you can listen to the audio version of it as well). You can find them in the Library -> Practice -> Smart Super Star.

Make sure to run out Poker Skills Test to find out your areas to improve!


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