PreflopdatoR had been promoted to $15 stakes!

His enthusiasm is turning him into a poker Predator. Beware of him at the tables!

Congratulations to PreflopdatoR for reaching the $15 Spin & Go’s!


We are sure that the enthusiasm that our hero is showing will ensure him a rapid rise. PreflopdatoR is that kind of player who is trying to accumulate as much information as he can in order to define himself as a poker player. His favorite movie is “Predator” and his passion for this movie is reflected in his nickname as well as in his approach that he has for poker. Our guy crushed the $7 Spin & Go's with 99 cEV on almost 1,800 games and he is ready for more action!


Hello! I started to play poker ever since I graduated high school. A friend told me that there is an option to get some additional money from this industry so I decided to give it a try and I started to prepare myself by playing some cash games on play money on a very well known Polish site called Wirtualna Polska with a sheet of paper in my hands on which I wrote the outs that I needed to hit my flush draw. Repeating them like a mantra gave me a real edge over my opponents those days!

Since then I found many poker schools and I applied for the free 50$ to play on real money like a real man with big cojones! I remember it like it was yesterday. With sweat on my hands I decided to start this poker journey by hitting HU HT $1 format, tanking on every hand and every street, focusing like as if it was some kind of 10kx multiplier to finally beat my opponent and feel a big satisfaction. This was a really important factor for me besides money which is obviously the most important one. :)

I believe that my destiny was to avoid 6max cash games on which I am a former player, but I am good at playing games where I can compete one to one like Spin & Go’s.

But let’s go back to cash games. This was the only poker format that I’ve played for a few years without any achievements besides some small income every month. This was a shame for me. I decided to change something in my life, but I was not sure what to choose. After each cash game session I was always hitting some Spin & Go’s in order to chill and taste something different. Shortly after this I realized that cash games will not be part of my future. The free strategy which was available for everybody wasn’t good enough to help me crush any poker format. So finally I decided to focus on Spin & Go’s. I started by watching Galadria's streams and I learned a lot of things. My dream was to join a good poker school because I never had the chance to work with the best players in the world and I thought it has to be an amazing feeling to grind there like a real professional poker player. So I send my application to join your team I am! And yes, it is an amazing feeling!

Being in Smart Spin is like being in a toy shop. You don’t know what to choose. Different coaches with different approaches can for sure fill the leaks with knowledge and they give you the opportunity to think outside the box. They can turn a mediocre player into a good player, but only if you are willing to improve your game. I think the coach who is helping me the most in my evolution is ClarKent114. I really love his simplicity and the fact that he is a little poker genius.  He is very well balanced in his process of thinking and in the same time he is always giving undeniable arguments.

I am planning to take it step by step and I will do my best to reach the highest level. My future goal is to focus on crushing $15 Spin & Go’s and I will remain faithful to my dream. The time spent in your team is by far the most breakthrough time in my poker career because I am finally leaving behind the low stakes. I really think that being part of your community will change my life and will open new perspectives. Thank you, guys! You are awesome!


Good luck at $15's, hero!



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13/04/2017 23:11:45

Great results - hard work pays off! GL climbing stakes

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