PreflopdatoR shipped $3,000!

This looked like a practice tournament for our player.

Congratulations to PreflopdatoR for winning $3,000 at $15 Spin & Go’s!



3 way

This short tournament was a beautiful fight to watch. Our player was the king of the ring as the spotlight was on him from the first hands. Gradually, he managed to take some chips from his opponents and, just after the 6th hand, he was holding a little over 25bb while the other two had 10bb each. The game became more intense when PreflopdatoR went all-in after receiving [Ac Ks] and guccyka paid him with too much confidence in the power of his cards. At showdown, the board was [4d 3h 8c 2s Kc], guccyka showed [Ah Jd] and left the tournament in 3rd place! PreflopdatoR won this hand with his Pair of Kings.



Both of the players were holding their ground, protecting their stack without knowing that the end of this game was near. Our hero had 40bb in front of his opponent’s 10bb when the most important hand of this tournament started. PreflopdatoR received [Ac 2s] and put some pressure on his opponent who went all-in a little too soon. The board came [Ad Td 5d 8c Kh] and our hero was waiting for his opponents cards: [4h 5h]. The Pair of Aces held by our hero brought him the victory!


Way to go, PreflopdatoR!



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