Recommend a player and earn a share of his profits!

New TAF Program is here!

We are constantly working not only to improve our strategy content and deals but also to improve all promotions including our referral program “Tell-a-Friend”. 

Today we would like to announce the newest version of it which is based on the idea of an affiliate program. You earn a share of a Smart Spin’s net profit from player’s earnings

Without further ado let’s jump into the details of how it will work.

  1. Invite

    Share the Referral link (it is displayed in your Smart Spin dashboard panel) with your friends and encourage them to join us. You can also give them your nickname and ask them to provide it during the recruitment process. We will track you!

2. Get ready!

Give your friend some time to sign the deal with us. We will track only the players who will pass all the recruitment stages, sign the deal, and join Smart Spin.

3. Onboard

Help your friend with his first steps in Smart Spin. Help him to get on board and introduce him to the learning paths and our discord server. The more he knows, the more he earns. The more he earns the more you earn!

4. Track

You can check the status of your Affiliate in your dashboard panel. This is the first version of the panel. In a future release, we will add a tracker so you can see your friends’ recruitment status. 

5. Benefit

Once per quarter you get a reward for all your recommended friends based on their accumulated payer’s profits. The minimum cashout is $100.

6. Repeat

You can easily repeat the whole process whenever you want!

How much can you earn?

Referrer earnings are the summed up net profits of all the accepted players. For every Tell-a-Friend, the Referrer will earn 3,5% of the Smart Spin's net profit from player's earning during his first contract.

Special promotion!

The first 55 (overall) confirmed players by the Referrers for the Tell-a-Friend will be awarded a higher share of profit. Referrer will get 5% of the Smart Spin's net profit from player's earnings.

The promotion will be valid until the pool won’t run out or until the end of July 2020.

Easy money, right?

If you have any questions let us know on discord or live chat! As always we are open for the feedback!

Any player that joined Smart Spin from your recommendation prior to the release of the new TAF program will not count toward this program. He will be settled by the previous rules. 

Full Terms and Conditions of the TAF Program.

Full Terms and Conditions of the Special Promotion

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