We need you!
We have spent a lot of time developing our recruitment process.

We strongly believe that steps described below are clear and give everyone fair chances to become our member.

Be Smart. Join Smart Spin!

Tell us something about yourself

Send us an email with the following information:

  • Your poker experience - what kind of games are you currently playing, do you have HU SnG HT or Spin & Go experience?
  • Recent results as graphs/sharkscope links
  • A few words about yourself - how old are you, do you have a wife, children. Pretty much everything is important for us. The more information you provide, the better.
  • Why should we choose you and what is your motivation besides financial factor - maybe one day you would like to become our partner or coach?

We answer every email. It may take up to 48 hours for our recruitment team to verify your application. If our answer is positive, you will go straight to the second stage of our recruitment process.

Step one

Prepare for the interview

The second stage of our process is really simple. We will send you an email with skype details and we will arrange the meeting with one of our managers.

We would like to know you better, so you will be asked a few predefined questions (about the game, life etc.). We will also talk about areas which in our opinion were not covered enough in your application. Main point is to have - as stated before - better knowledge about you as a person and a poker player.

This helps us to create more personalized offer. If we decide you are the right person to join our team, you will head straight into the third stage of our recruitment process.

Step two

The offer

Here you will get all the details about our offer. We will inform you how we can help you, in which areas you can expect our support, what strategy/software we will provide you.

Please ask as many questions as possible. If you are unsure about something, do not be afraid to tell us about this. We want to make sure you understand everything so you will make your decision fully informed. This part of the recruitment process also takes place on Skype.

After everything is clear, we will take some time to prepare suitable offer for you. We take this part very seriously and we always make sure it is fair for both sides.

Step three

The agreement

Congratulations - you are about to become the member of Smart Spin! But before this happens, we need to confirm your identity.

Before you start playing and before we send you our money, we have to be sure you are the person you claimed to be. After confirming your identity, we will sent you an email with an agreement to which you have to respond positively.

After that you are officially becoming SmartSpin Team member with all the benefits coming from this title!

Step four