Start your poker dream with us, don’t risk your own money
We’ve got over 700 active members and every month we advance more than 50 people up in stakes. With our knowledge and experience, we will make you a winning player.

You are just three simple steps from becoming a part of the Smart Spin team. We are happy that you want to join our team. You won’t find a better place to start your poker career.
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* Earnings are based on playing 3500 tournaments per month
3,000 games
To climb the stake
3,000 games
To climb the stake
Tournaments X-Tabling Time
1,000 2 70hr 50min
1,000 3 47hr 13min
1,000 4 35hr 25min
Step 1
Contact US
Tell us something about yourself. It doesn’t matter if you have no poker experience. Our coaching program is prepared for each skill level. If you are a complete beginner check out our Aspirant Program

We answer every message. It may take up to 48 hours for our recruitment team to verify your application. If our answer is positive, you will go straight to the second stage.
Step 2
Let’s get to know
each other better
We will send you an email with our Skype details, and we will arrange a meeting with one of our team members.

The main point here is to have better knowledge about you as a person and as a poker player. It will help us to create a more personalized offer. We will explain the idea behind Smart Spin and how you can join our team.
Meet CuAt69UsdSNG. One of our best players and head coach. He won over $400,000 playing Spin & Go's. With hard work and our support, this goal is within your reach.
Step 3
The offer
Solid contract is a trademark of a solid company
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Here, you will get all the details about our offer. We will explain how we can work with you and what strategy and software you will get from us. Don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you want. We are here to explain everything and make it as clear as possible.

We are a professional poker school, that’s why we offer our members contracts. After signing it, you will be officially a part of the Smart Spin Team!
Any questions?
What can I find in your poker school?
Our poker school offers strategy materials directed to poker players at all stake levels. You can take advantage of video coaching sessions, articles, live coaching sessions, analyses and hand reviews. What's more, we provide you with full financial backing, so you don't play with your own money. All you need to have here is diligence and a will to learn!
Will I play with my own money?
As a Smart Spin member, you will be fully staked and it means that we will provide you money to use at the tables.
I have not played online poker yet or I have little experience in it. Can I still join Smart Spin?
Of course! We created our Aspirant program with new players in mind. You will learn the basics of Spin & Go's and we will teach you a winning strategy which will help you climb up the stakes!
I do not speak English fluently. Can I still become a Smart Spin member?
Yes. English is an official language in Smart Spin, but if you are familiar with poker terminology, then you will do fine here. If you don't understand something from the video, you can rewind it to watch it again or ask people from our community - they will be glad to help you. What's more, we are already working on translating our materials to various languages.
What does the recruitment interview look like? Do I need a working webcam and a microphone?
We conduct the interview in the text format on Skype, so you do not need a webcam or a microphone.
How long does the deal with Smart Spin last and what percent of profit will I share with you?
Both the length of the deal and the percentage of profit-split is presented to the applicants after a recruitment interview is finished.
I am already a good player, I don't need an access to learning materials and I am interested only in $EV deal. Is it possible to take advantage only from $EV deal?
We do not offer $EV alone. This option is available only for our members. We invite you to take advantage of our full offer. We are certain that it will have a positive impact on your winrate!
Do you offer other rooms than PokerStars?
Yes, sometimes we transfer players to different poker rooms.
Do you have $EV deals in your offer?
Yes, Smart Spin members can settle their finances in $EV.