Samuelazo is our PLO player and he won almost $14,000 in the first month here!

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PokerStars has recently introduced Fusion as an answer to the games getting continually harder and harder.

As we already told you, we don't see much future there. A fresh format that will attract many new players is just a fog, and we don't believe it's going to work. PokerStars tries its hardest to give something new to the masses, but more importantly - something cheap as well.

Over a year ago we found the answer to all PLO players who are looking for better games and a comprehensive learning platform. In a world where mid stakes regulars at PokerStars need to be happy for 1bb winrate, our small squad has already earned over a million dollars on the 4-card games.

We present one of the newest additions to this team: Samuelazo!



Our Spanish friend has already earned $13,500 in the first month of playing PLO with us!

He is not new to poker, although it's a fresh face in our team. As a long-time player, he had many successes and failures throughout his life, but he seems to have finally found a place where he can fully develop his skills.

Let's hear from him and get to know him better!



Hello, Samuelezo and congratulations on your fantastic latest results! You've recently joined us, and you already made $13,500. How do you feel?

It feels great to finally break through after a year of struggling. Even though I studied and put in the effort before, it didn't translate to actual big results. I try to stay grounded though and give perspective for what it is - still a lon way to go - and keep this winrate throughout a more significant and continuous sample.


Was it easy to win such a sum? How were the games?

I don't know; it just was. I focus on implementing what I learn and study and reflect on my actions whether they make sense or not according to each situation. The games have been pretty soft which is very nice, and it's not uncommon to have at least two bad players sitting in.


It feels like the games are good. Did you think about it when you applied to us? Did it meet your expectations?

Not really, no. I guess it passed expectations since I didn't have any expectations about the games specifically. I was on board with whatever may come.


I saw that one day in November you won 40 buy-ins at your stakes. That's incredible! Can you tell us more about this day?

I think it was more around 20bi's. I've had a couple of big winning sessions since I started the deal, which it's always thrilling, but after I finish my sessions/day, I just log my result for the day, hours and hands played in an excel sheet and switch my mind off poker. It's better not to get too overexcited as I've been in the past when I hit something big, cos there can always come the opposite where I have gone to the point of busting few bankrolls, and you'll feel very soul crushed. I've learnt from this, and despite being really nice to win big, I go on to review my game neutrally and move on with life whether I win or lose.


It's still a pretty sum to win. We wouldn't be playing poker for a living if we didn't earn money on it. You said that you had good days and nice wins. Was there any bigger payday than this one in your life?

Yes, there have been bigger paydays in the past. Couple of MTT scores throughout the years, my biggest being about $8,000 for 3rd position in a Sunday tournament. I also had some periods in the past with massive heaters and managed to run it up big playing cash with bad bankroll management - I was playing a higher limit as soon as I earned a few BI or sometimes just doubled up. Of course, gravity plays its role and everything that goes up has to fall down. Therefore, due to my lack of responsibility, knowledge, discipline with bankroll management and overestimation of my abilities and expectations, I spent some of those winnings (which I do not regret because at least I gained experience). I busted the rest for having more of a gambling mentality and trying to chase losses when I lost big as well, rather than taking care of what was important and worry about improving my game or trying to find help. But you live to learn, so now I'm patient and don't rush to go up unless I'm beating the limit I currently play.


What was the biggest hand of that day?

I don't recall any specific hand right now, I certainly remember a few big hands in general where I XR river w straight flush over nut flush, some quads getting paid and things like that are rare but very gratifying when they happen (and very annoying when you are on the other side of the cooler as well ). From those big days, I think the majority of the winnings came from some super aggro donk that was raising every hand, so there was a lot of preflop gambling involved, sniper style, and of course being on the right side of variance those days.


We'd love to see this straight flush hand, can you dig it up for our readers?

I assume he had a nut flush cos his hole cards weren't displayed:


How experienced are you at PLO? What were you playing before?

I've been playing poker as a hobby for a very long time, and PLO for several years too, gambling away, but not making any effort to improve until two years ago. So I've been taking PLO seriously about two years now, and it finally seems to start getting a bit more consistent and paying off. Throughout this previous period, I've had big wins but also big losses, and money management has never been my strength so I've ended up playing higher than I should have at the time more than one too many times. I was staked for a short period before, and there I learnt the importance of discipline regarding money management and mental game, and now with the help of Smart Backing, things seem to start coming together eventually.


How high up the stakes did you go?

In the past, I've played randomly up to PLO1000, and one time short stacked hit and run PLO2000, but since I decided to take discipline and improve my game properly, I was playing and trying to improve on PLO50 right before I started with Smart Backing.


How did you decide to apply to Smart Backing?

As I've mentioned before, I was staked before for a short period, and after the deal was finished, I played on my own for a little bit. Then, I googled for staking options, compared few sites, and liked how Smart Backing was presented to the public, the website looked professional, and it seemed to have excellent references and coaches, so I went for it. Also, I wanted to get staked to get financial pressure off of my game since I'm currently unemployed, and this will be my shot to finally make it as a full pro in the near future, and in my current situation getting rid of that stress is really beneficial for my game and my day-to-day life. So I'm very thankful I got picked into the PLO stable.


You can also take advantage of our psychologist who has 1-on-1 mindset sessions with our members on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Did you try it yet (or any of our mindset materials)?

No, I haven't, I wasn't aware of 1-on-1 sessions for mental game. I most definitely will now that you pointed it out. I have watched some of the mental game video section on goal setting, mindset and 'become a professional' topic.


What is your first impression here?

The first impression is the professional outlook. As days have passed and interacted more, I can say that the staff is very helpful, quick and effective. They are also very attentive and responsive to your needs. So, I have no complaints.


You are one of the first PLO players who got interviewed on our site. Can you tell our readers more about the coaching team and your fellow teammates?

It's been only one month so far, so I'm still getting to know everyone and everything better. So far, the team and staff have been very helpful and attentive, and they always reply to your questions thoroughly. Also, they offer nice support to learn and play so you don't have to stress about anything else but learning and playing. Coaches and staff listen and are open in discussion and suggestions, and about moving you up quickly when possible. About the rest of the students, I've only attended a few coaching sessions so far cos, as I said, it's only been one month. I haven't got to know everyone yet, but have had some good discussions with ExDreamerWC3 about strategy and HH as well as with our coach Magiet. Maybe it'll get more interactive within the group as I get to know the rest of them and as time goes by.


How are you working on your game right now?

I was focusing this month on fine-tuning my Turn aggression and frequencies. After one of the coachings with Magiet, going through my database he spotted a few mistakes I used to do when CB OOP so I'm focusing on fixing that now. I have a long-term goal and then I set monthly targets to improve something about strategy and reach a certain volume per month which in turn I break down in weekly targets. It makes me have daily targets so I get to the volume I want to put in. I usually study in the morning, going through hand history or/and watching a video related to the topic at hand. Sometimes I review my stats to see where I'm going off. I take a break and start my grind. Depending on how long I plan to grind for the day I take a break in between where I usually go and exercise, some strength training/boxing or whatever I'm doing at the moment. I've taken care of my mental game, and I am still improving there, so at this moment the things I do before, after and out of poker I think they help me gain perspective and play with a cool mind. Also, it is nice to know that there is the mindset channel available so you have access to help in a mental game whenever u need it.


What are your goals right now? What do you want to achieve in the first month of 2019?

I had set goals in January for this year, but I'm falling behind since my performance has been worse than expected. Slowly but surely it is taking better shape so that I will fall behind on my expectations, but no big deal; I just have to readjust and see how far behind I end up, so I know what areas need improvement.

I don't know yet, such a specific question, I'm focused right now on my weekly and monthly targets that I give to myself. And probably in January I'll do a next year goal setting, plan it out and break it down, so I'll sit and think about it once I do a recap of this year first. Definitely, I've learnt some lessons throughout this year so that will influence what will I set up for next year.

A vague answer to the specific question can be to be playing at PLO200 by JAN '19 consistently building a consistent winning sample.

We wish you good luck!



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