Skrill removes fees from sending money between users... but only for VIP members!

Sign up to Skrill as a Smart Spin member and get a free VIP status!

Skrill has just published an important piece of information about an upcoming change to its services.

We've been waiting for this for a long time, and the most important info is that:


Silver+ members do not pay fees anymore in transactions between members!



It's for sure a great deal for anyone who's been using this wallet. Silver VIP starts from sending to merchants at least €15,000 within the quarter of the year.

For poker players, it's a piece of cake and can be done without an issue, even when PokerStars introduced limits to how much you can withdraw. It's only a little over 1,000 Spin & Go tournaments with a buy-in of $15, and we are sure that everyone will manage to do it.

To remind you about quarterly statuses, this is the excerpt from our previous article about Skrill:

"Three months rule" has been removed, now the deposit periods are counted in the quarters of a year. If you meet the requirements for VIP status in the one deposit period (you deposit at least €6,000 in one quarter), you will get Bronze VIP status for THAT quarter and also the NEXT quarter (works similar as for statuses at the PokerStars - when you make a status one month, you will also keep it for the next month).

You need to deposit €6,000 to achieve Bronze VIP status, but you have three months to do it. The third deposit period for this year (July-August-September) now comes to an end. If you get your VIP status in September, you will also save it for the whole fourth deposit period of this year (October-November-December). But, if you choose to wait and get your VIP status at the beginning of October, you will get it for the fourth deposit period of 2017 (October-November-December), and also keep it for the first deposit period of 2018 (January-February-March)! In short, you get up to 6 months of VIP status if you meet the criteria at the beginning of October.



We've got a special deal for our members when you register at Skrill with us. If you are a Smart Spin member, click on the link below and find out how to get Bronze VIP Status which already gives you smaller fees, bigger withdrawals, more security to your account, 24/7 dedicated support, and much more:


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Be smart. Save money.



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