skrzat96 made over $6,500 in August at $30 Spin & Go's!

This proves that there is a lot of money in poker.

August has been a great month for many of our players. During this summer our heroes left the fun behind and they prepared "The regs' attack". Some of them took the lead and managed to have some amazing $EV results.

skrzat96 is one of our $30's players who earned over $6,500 EV in August.


Let's see what strategy produced this amazing result:


skrzat96: I started to play poker during my years at uni. I just had to find something to do while other friends of mine were attending classes.

At the beginning I played this game just for fun. I had a scholarship, so I felt “obligated” to lose some money. After 3 years of "studying" a problem appeared. The time to bring my engineering diploma home. I was so lazy that I was not even able to change my correspondence address so when the letter in which my parents were informed that I was no longer on the student’s list came I ran away from home being afraid of my parents. I started thinking how I could show them that I can live on my own. Ah! Right! Poker! I'm a good player! 

I started to play $3,5 HU HT day and night. I did this like 27h/day. I was leaving home once a day to buy a pack of cigarettes, a few rolls and some kind of cream cheese just to stay alive.

In two weeks I earned $700 and I felt like a real poker pro. In the same year I achieved Platinum star on Sharkscope. I was the best player in the world! Can you beat that??? The truth was I couldn't handle having such a good life with that so I find additional income in Bridge and some other stuff.

Look for the nerd guy on the left :P

skrzat96: My strategy for having better results was to bet 3 times in every spot. They won't bluff me and I will bluff them. I will take all the fold equity for myself.

Fold equity is a big part of our profit that's why you just need to deny it to your opponent. When they check you bet. When they bet you raise. What I understand by "strategy" is just everything from work ethic to hand reading and being aware while playing. Lately, I’ve been changing my attitude a lot. I started to create daily plans and work schedules. I try to spend some time working outside the tables, which I never did before. There was a time, when I could play and do other stuff at the same time: talking, watching a video, etc. I could play like an hour and I didn't even realize I was playing!! I couldn't remember a single spot. Now my priority is to stay focused while playing and to choose my actions. And the last, but not the least I focus on volume. Mine is not like super high, but I am not giving up on this. Learning brings you nothing if you don't play enough so you can’t understand the knowledge you gained while studying.


skrzat96: I encourage everyone to keep a proper balance.

If you learn a new concept, you need some time to make it natural and to understand how to apply it. If you learn too much you will just miss the essentials. Learning less, won't make you improve at all.

Crushfest is the best learning "tool” if I can call it a tool. You can watch  it in 30 minutes, but then you need to play a lot to apply the strategy to your game. You will learn how to play in particular spots and how to adapt to your opponents’ tendencies. That's the knowledge which lets you keep the balance and improve your game at the same time.


Keep up the good work, hero!


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