SL 2.0: MVP Match-up Zuber85 vs karolao

Two of Smart Spin's finest played an amazing match last week!

Another week of Smart League 2.0! 

Another week of friendly poker rivalry inside Smart Spin! There are no villains here, but there definitely are some heroes!


The second round gave us everything: close matches, huge defeats and most importantly - evenly matched players racing against each other and giving their best!


To predict who will come on top in such games is almost impossible, especially when it comes to tough grinders like Zuber85 and karolao!


The two Smart Spinners stepped on the field as "offensive midfielders" in the match between Equity Hunters (Zuber85) and Tom & Jerries (TomP147).




The final score was 9:5 in favor of Equity Hunters (Zuber85), but the most interesting part of the show was the battle between their captain and karolao from Tom & Jerries.


Both players finished the round being the top scorers of their respective teams!


Zuber85 had the amazing $3,009.03 of EV! Impressive result!

But meanwhile karolao was not fooling around! The offensive midfielder of Tom & Jerries scored $3,918.35 of EV and took down his rival!


We've managed to catch the winner in this duel for a brief interview:


You have defeated Zuber85 in the last round, a really tough player, what gave you the edge in your opinion?

I knew from the beginning that I have to give my very best to have any chance of winning against him. I decided to lower the number of the tables to focus more on quality of my game and put more hours instead and it worked!
Of course I still had to hope that a little bit of variance will catch him up, that's exactly what happened and I was fortunate enough to win this one.



Do you think participating in Smart League improves you as a player and how?

Of course it does. For me it's very valuable to see how other players work and learn. At the very beginning I had a chat with our captain TomP147 not only about strategy but also about planning and organizing grinding day, took few things from him and can say it's already paying off.
Besides I love to compete and being in the team and seeing everyone working really hard gives me extra motivation to work even harder.



Is there a player that you would rather not play against?

Yeah, Blooming94 as he can be crazy both at the tables and volume wise, so I'm just lucky to have him in my team. Besides we are not afraid of anyone and I'm ready to conquer everyone!



What advise can you give to the players who are climbing the stakes?

I think the most important is to learn the charts and just follow the strategy Smart Spin is providing us with. Stop levelling, as I can see a lot of players from lower stakes does, and just play solid game.



Thank you for your answers, karolao!

Good game guys, good luck to both of you in the next round!


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