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Find leaks in your game without asking anyone for help!

Smart Coach is one of our proudest creations. At Smart Spin, we are changing the game of poker forever, making the next step into the future and this software definitely belongs there.

Essentially, Smart Coach is your own personal leakfinder which scans hand histories from your hard drive and shows you where you make mistakes. They can be as trivial as folding a hand preflop when you should have called, but it can as advanced as getting donked in the isolation pot in the big blind versus small blind scenario. It also tells you what is the best play in a given situation and that's thanks to the comment section written by the top Spin & Go and HU HT players!

But we can't just summarize it in a two or three sentences, there is much more to Smart Coach than this!


The best advice you can get

It's pretty much obvious that it's a game changer on our market. In the past, players were forced to reach out to other players to find the best play and they did that by, for example, posting hands on various forums.

However, this was definitely not a perfect solution. It had many flaws and we'd only like to point out two of the biggest.

Firstly you risk a lot by listening to strangers on the Internet who are not the proven winners. We cannot count how many times we've seen micro or low stake players giving you pieces of advice on your play. They were confident that they know it all, some of them had shiny "judge" or "coach" stars on the forum you chose. But their skills are often really doubtful, so you can't rely on high-level tips when it's way beyond their capabilities.

And even if they play stakes which are good enough to give out advice, we need to proceed to the second thing: how well do they know population tendencies? What can they say about every situation at the table? Did they make the necessary calculations and decide which play has got the highest EV? They only talk from their experience and the funny thing about the memory is that it is sometimes failing you.


A private coach

Smart Coach is a fully analytical tool and it was designed to top up your game both preflop and postflop.

It scans your database looking for any play which differs from the most profitable strategy recommended by Smart Spin, based on hundreds of hours spent on the population statistics, as well as thousands of hours spent by our top players at the tables. Right now it's the best Spin & Go strategy out there.

Then, it gives you a nice summary of your incorrectly played hands (as shown in the picture above) which you can comfortably filter and review.

Each hand shows you how you got into trouble and also a piece of advice on how you should act to improve your winrate.

This is a magnificent tool and used every day, it can significantly boost your winrate, as one of our newest $30's players stated himself:

I started regularly using Smart Coach - it took me only 10 mins per day to fix my mistakes. ~ tml_89pl in the interview after getting to $30's

But it's also an invaluable tool for higher level players. Our member imbaskadi who recently got promoted to $100 Spin & Go's and achieved $24,000 of EV, told us recently:

I am using it every day and every day it finds 2 or 3 big mistakes in my game ~ imbaskadi



What more is there?

Smart Spin is being improved every day by our IT and Strategy Departments. A group of 15 people is trying to make it even better than it is now.

We are about to start working on individual learning paths. In short, Smart Coach will scan all of your hand histories and show you a list of scenarios you need to work on. The most important thing is that you will not be left alone!

Our tool will direct you to all strategy materials, articles and quizzes from our site to boost your winrates in these scenarios. Then, after some time, it will scan your game again and show you how much you have improved and what you need to work on next.

He will be your private teacher who will point out every weakness you have and give you everything in order to fix these leaks.

This is the biggest change, but our members can also count on:

  • More preflop and postflop scenarios - our top players are constantly working on introducing new scenarios in Smart Coach, focusing on the most important positions. We already have hundreds of scenarios available here, but there will be many more in the future!
  • Goal Manager - we are going to implement it to Smart Coach, so you will be able to set your goals for the upcoming months, weeks and even days. Our Goal Manager will track your progress and give you enough motivation to reach your volume or hour targets.
  • Leaderboards - it's something that has been on our minds for quite some time. As Smart Coach is available to Smart Spin members only and it's not accessible for outside people, we can create volume and $EV leaderboards for different occasions.



This tool is available only to Smart Spin members!

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Super useful tool.

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