Smart Coach: The Present

We are about to release our newest update with postflop scenarios!

For the past few months we've worked tirelessly to give you a big update to one of the most important tools for Spin & Go's.

Smart Coach moves into a new phase. With new features, new scenarios and a new design, it's waiting for you to be used!


What will you find in the newest Smart Coach?

Preflop and postflop scenarios. With the newest update, you will finally get postflop scenarios and notes from our top coaches and founders on how to improve your game. This gives you a massive edge while analysing your game and most importantly, you receive an immediate review of your game. And the good news is that our founder bakudranski will be responsible of adding new scenarios every week!

Change in approach. You don't have to think where you should start your analysis. We decided to point out the biggest mistakes in your game so you could focus on them.

Improved interface. Our previous Smart Coach version was not as good looking as we wanted it to be. We want this software to be pleasant and slick. Now there should be no issues with moving around the app!

Interactive graphs. They will show you everything you need to know about your game. By clicking at various points on the graph, you can easily filter out different positions, stack depths and scenarios. Analysing hands gets easier than ever!

Faster scanning. We've made several tests and they showed a big improvement in the time which is needed to scan your database. The software also recognizes different stakes, so you will get new scenarios and new notes for every new limit you are about to conquer.

Auto updating. As we are going to regularly add more and more scenarios to our software, you don't have to worry that you will miss anything. Smart Coach will be always up to date and ready for you!

Compatibility with Winamax, PokerStars.IT, PokerStars.FR and Macs. Everyone can use our software!

... and much more to come! This is not the end of Smart Coach advantages. We implemented a special code for add-ons and there are endless possibilities for us to use it. You will hear more about it soon!

As always, we encourage to combine analysing in Smart Coach with analysing in PokerTracker 4. Smart Coach marks your hands in the database and you just need to make a simple hand report in PT4 to find all situations in which you should improve.


We will start with handing out the newest version of Smart Coach to Prospect members today. Tomorrow all Smart Spin members should get it!


And stay tuned to hear about our future plans for Smart Coach!



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