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Your HUD is your biggest friend at the tables. With its help, you can easily spot opponent's tendencies and behaviours, and get the full idea about his gameplan.

Then, it's all in your hands - if you know poker well, you will be able to easily counter his strategy and make money on him. However, if your knowledge is not deep enough, you can still spot a thing or two which can be used in your favour!

This is why in today's world a good HUD is a must for every professional poker player and in Smart Spin Team you will get the best HUD in the market!


On Monday our members will receive a brand new HUD!


And they can already test it out, without even getting them into their PokerTrackers 4!

We made an additional interactive tab in our charts software which focuses solely on explaining all statistics used in the newest HUD (picture below). Just click on any statistic, either from 3-way or HU, and learn what it exactly means or does!

This way you can fully test our newest HUD before you even get your hands on it!


What will you get?

As our founder FCD mentioned in the latest post in Founders' Diary, this HUD will be quite complex!

What features will be available in this HUD?

  • Accumulated Statistics from different positions but similar situations, which will let you judge your opponent’s style faster than ever
  • Hero Stats (on how your opponent sees you) to let you not only spot your leaks faster, but also understand the villain’s adjustments before they even make them!
  • Recent Actions let you spot your opponent’s adjustments without lowering “last x hands” in PokerTracker 4
  • The new HUD can also analyse showdowns to let you know how often your opponent bluffs on the river after various lines
  • The HUD is going to analyze sizings as well so you can spot unusual moves faster and identify ranges more accurately
  • The HUD shows you typical tendencies on different board structures
  • Way more valuable pop-ups are included than before
  • All bugs are fixed and the statistics are coded in a new, more effective way
  • Top-notch color-coding makes the new HUD more user-friendly. Colored stats will help you identify the villain’s tendencies faster but also point out the thresholds of when you should change your strategy



What next?

If you are a Smart Spin member, you will receive our HUD on Monday. We will release it gradually, some groups will be given it in the morning and rest will get it throughout the day.

The most important thing is that you will be forced to rebuild your database's cache. It may take a while, depending on the size of your database, so find some time for it before your session. If your database is big, it may even take a couple of hours, so be aware of this!


We also recommend you to take a look at couple of highly useful articles which will answer a lot of questions you may have:

We are sure that you will find a lot of help in these articles, so check them out!


But that's not the end. We prepared thoroughly for this release, that's why one of our key members of Smart Spin's Strategy Department, ciachooooo, recorded two introductions to our HUDs:

We are pretty sure that you are eager to try out the advanced version right away, but the basic one may give you more advantage at the tables at the start of your journey with our newest HUD!



One more time we prove that Smart Spin is one step ahead of the competition. The newest HUD is only one of many things we've been working on and while other teams are desperately trying to catch up to us, the gap between us is getting bigger with every new project we introduce to our members!

And it's because mediocrity is not enough for us. Staying still is boring us. We move forward as fast as we can and we invite you to joins us!


Join Smart Spin and start crushing Spin & Go's with us!



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