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I've heard about the program from other Smart Spin members, but what does it mean and when did it start?

The Smart Spin Mentorship Program (MP) started a few months ago after the Take & Share finished. The MP is a project where more experienced players (read HS-players) share their knowledge and experiences with other Smart Spin members in small groups.

Most groups consist of 3 members, 1 mentor, and 2 students. The goal for the students is to climb the stakes as fast as possible under the guidance of their mentor. 

One of the mentors described the MP as: “You become a father of low- or mid-stakes players and try to make their dream come true. You provide answers, motivate them and teach them new things, other perspectives in the game or specific spots to improve”. - MichauAxxi

Is this a flexible program or is it similar to the Learning Path from Smart Spin?

The big difference between them is that the lessons aren't known, the groups make it themselves. In some groups, it's done by the mentor, in other groups by the students and in some groups by all of them together. The similarity is that groups decide how much time they invest, in most groups, it's done in consultation. The MP, therefore, gives a lot of freedom for both, the mentor and the students. Some groups meet once a week, some twice a week and other groups every day.  

The group of D3MONICA even has its own DISCORD channel and One Drive, where posts can be handled, things can be asked, homework can be given and much more.

Smart Spin members are located all over the world and therefore live in different time zones and speak different languages. How does that work for the groups?

The groups are composed in such a way that if someone cannot speak English, he is assigned to the group that speaks his language. Event the time zone is not a problem. In Thailand they are sleeping, in Europe they wake up and somewhere else in the world it's afternoon.  Not always easy, but since everyone is very motivated, that doesn't cause any problems for many groups.

It's clear that students benefit from the MP, but what about the mentors, how do they benefit?

Good question, we asked the mentors themselves. “It can be seen as a waste of time by others, but it certainly isn't” Here are some statements from the mentors about how they experience MP: “Overall it helps to develop and maintain good habits, you can't be lazy if you have to work with other players in a group”

“You get questions that can change your point of view, helping other players with mindset issues improves my mindset too, it helps refresh your knowledge, with the right attitude both mentor and students improve”.
- ErCoCo68. 

“It's a win-win. In the early stages the students benefit more, but it also reminds us, the mentors, to get back to basics and think about the basic game plans. It's never wrong to do this, I also do this for myself from time to time and it's much nicer to do some recapping together. Especially since it allows me to help some people in the process”. 
“Hearing and seeing where people struggle and where people have other insights is also beneficial to link it to general population tendencies”.
“Coaching is one of the things I will take more seriously. This MP also allows me to see what formats of coaching or structures of homework, communication, etc. work best together”.

"This program is good for mentors to work on discipline, regularity, and dutifulness. I highly recommend joining this program!"

And what do the students say about the MP?

“As a poker player it can be quite lonely, but since I joined the MP, I no longer have problems with that”.
- Star41Day

Apart from the fact that various students have already been promoted during the program, there are also groups where friendships have started, in one of the groups, the mentor will visit his students at home.

Students really appreciate this program: “Too bad this program wasn't there before”/ “I learn much faster and better in my group than before”/ “I was stuck in stakes for ages, but now I finally see progress”. “Where we want to go, our mentor is already there. He helps us both in the group enormously and we are extremely grateful to him for that”.

- 19winner79 and Star41day

Are there general points for improvement for your group or perhaps for the entire MP and how do you see the future of these groups?

We asked these 2 questions to both the mentors and the students. Some students or mentors find it difficult to answer it right now since the MP hasn't started that long ago.

There are students and mentors who don't want to change anything at the moment because they have a very nice group and learn a lot from each other.

Another mentor would like to merge multiple groups with motivated students and mentors to get a better group than it already is.

“At a later stage the MP can evolve into a regular study group or high stake players, where all equally benefit again” according to D3MONICA

Conclusion MP and how can I participate as a mentor or student?

Working together with motivated people and the same passion makes the game more fun than it already is. Both students and mentors benefit from this program and even friendships begin.

The biggest advantage is that each group determines how, when and how often they meet and what interpretation they give.

Become a mentor today! If you are an active player on 50s or higher stake send us a ticket via ZenDesk and you will be assigned to a special mentor group. Share your knowledge and benefit from teaching others! 

If you would like to participate in a program as a student (you need to be a Smart Spin member!) fill out this form . Mentors will pick the best applications so put your heart into it :)

If you are not a Smart Spin member become one by sending the application! 

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