Spin & Go ROI - how much can you win?

We checked the results of our best players. Do you think it's possible to obtain 2-digit ROI?

It's been a few years since Spin & Go's were introduced at PokerStars and they are still one of the most popular poker games on the Internet.

However, some players may still doubt the profitability of these games. They will ask questions like:

  • Are Spin & Go's beatable?
  • How much can you win at Spin & Go's?
  • How much ROI can you achieve at Spin & Go's?
  • Can you beat rake at Spin & Go's?
  • Do you grind Spin & Go's only for rakeback?
  • ... etc.

The answers are not that shocking. Yes, it is possible to beat Spin & Go's and win huge amounts of money. Smart Spin's players were able to achieve 2-digit ROI's, but you don't have to be a math genius to get everything up to 10% ROI.


$15 Spin & Go's

This is the first test of your skills. So, how our players performed?

• k1e4l0o8 made 11.6% EV ROI in 3,700 games. The best result so far, but he is not the only one with two digits...

• Matheeeew made 10.7% EV ROI in 4,700 games. Good job!

• jaworski93 made exactly 10% EV ROI in 5,800 games. Yes, he already moved up to $30's, so let's not waste any more time here and follow him there!


$30 Spin & Go's

There are many good regs here and with the recent changes in rake, it may be difficult to achieve two-digit ROI. Still, you may get a nice profit before you move up to $60's:

• ADaJACKof made 7.25% EV ROI in 3,000 games. This is just a solid game and right way to play $30's - get here, learn, move up as soon as possible.

• kill1509 made 7% EV ROI in 7,000 games. Oh, yeah, our grinder from Mexico! You definitely should read an interview with him.

• luckylukepoo and ciachooooo both made exactly 6.80% EV ROI in 3,500 games. Obviously, they are not playing at $30's anymore. Again, get here, learn, move up as soon as possible.


$60 Spin & Go's

• EpicKind made 12% EV ROI in 3,000 games! Two-digit ROI is still possible at $60 Spin & Go's and this one is even more sweet...

• VHERRERAL made 9.5% EV ROI in 18,000 games! That's really huge and shows how much money there is at Spin & Go's!

• Grasiu made 7.5% EV ROI in 3,000 games. We are sure it could have been better, but he just stormed through the stakes and now he is playing $100 Spin & Go's.

• kill1509 made 6.75% EV ROI in 7,500 games. Great results once again! I think no one is surprised, right?


$100 Spin & Go's

When you think about the highest stakes of Spin & Go's, you probably have in mind something like two, three... maybe four percent of ROI. It is true for most of the players there, but the best earn much more.

• Weshero made 7% EV ROI in 9,000 games. This is the highest chipEV in Smart Spin Team. Truly fantastic result! And what's more... he runs above EV.

• VHERRERAL made 6% EV ROI in 4,000 games. Again, this is a really good score and we believe he can do even better.

Remember, the numbers above are their EV post rakeback. Expected value of these games is really high. It's also worth to mention that 0.4% ROI lays in the highest available multiplier - 10,000x.

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23/07/2016 10:54:51

How calculate the EV roi?


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wow, sickos!

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