Star Rewards now on PokerStars.COM/.EU

PokerStars introduced Chests to the international playerpool, cutting the rakeback as we know it.

We are entering a completely new era as PokerStars removes the old idea of rakeback and starts rewarding players with Chests holding different rewards, not a new thing for anyone even slightly familiar with online gaming.

These plans were announced for the first time in 2016, but it took almost a year to put them into life.

Although we do not hold exact numbers, which can summarize the amount of rakeback we will be getting with the new system, we know that this is going to be a big cutback, up to 85% of your previous rakeback.

In this news, we will explain how the new system will work:


StarsCoins still one of PokerStars' currencies

Although it may look a little strange, StarsCoins will not be removed from the VIP System (at least yet). They will still hold the same value, so you don't have to hurry with exchanging them to money. 

Interestingly enough, you will receive them in Chests, alongside other personalized rewards and prize money.

VIP Store has been turned to Rewards Store and it will still hold the same items which can be purchased with StarsCoins.


New collectables: Chests

However, for playing at the PokerStars' tables, you will not be rewarded with StarsCoins anymore. Instead, you will collect Reward Points.

Reward Points lead to Chests. You need to acquire some, not specified, amount of points to receive your Chest. This amount will depend on many factors, including your volume, game affinity, and deposit / withdrawal ratios. They will also change from time to time based on your recent activity.

We also need to mention Boosts which will double the number of points you are receiving. After using your Boost, a new one will appear after 8 hours.


What can you get in Chests?

There are six types of Chests and every Chest holds different money rewards.

On top of of these regular money prizes, you can also get one of the extra rewards: 1,000,000 StarsCoins, PokerStars Championship package and others, which are not specified at this time.

There is no cap in a number of Chests you can acquire in one session. You also don't have to open them right away, but remember to do it within 3 months as they will disappear from your account after this period!



We fully understand that this is not good news for poker players. However, there is nothing we can do about it as times change and we should do everything to not be left behind.

This is why we prepared for you, our members, two things:

A new Smart Spin's VIP System - to make these changes a little lighter for our players, we decided to modify our own reward program. From now on, there will be smaller values for different thresholds and we will cut down our program to four statuses: Gold, Platinum, SmartNova and SmartNova Elite.

Proof that Spin & Go's are still profitable - we believe that this change is not good for the players, but at the same time, we still think that there is a lot of money to be made at the Spin & Go's! We show you our members who have been doing brilliantly in 2017 without rakeback and they approach this change calmly as they know we are here to help them win!



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