Start enjoying the autumn and all that it brings to your table

Here are 5 reasons why poker is better now that summer is over.

Summer is a beautiful season, but it is definitely over now. All that sun and heat will be back after a few months and right now you can focus more on the tables. The cold keeps you inside and poker is the game that keeps you warmed up, pumped up and ready to win some money. Why is poker better when summer is over? Here are some reasons and you can add yours in the comments section below:


You don’t sweat anymore – and your opponent is shivering! 

Summer is great but that heat makes it hard to concentrate sometimes. Right now, when the wind is blowing softly in the trees, you can just listen to it as a background sound for your poker sessions and make your opponent tremble.


There are no distractions on the streets

The ladies covered their bodies and the festivals are scarce. There is more rain and you can easily stay indoors and put more pressure and skill over your opponents. If you want to see more skin, you can always try the gym, but don't forget to work your body also.



You have plenty of healthy food choices

Eating good quality food is great for your body and for your brain. Great nutrients will help you focus better and longer. All that ice cream in the summer was nice, but it wasn’t enough. Try the fresh vegetables and get your body ready for winter.



The recreational players are back from their holidays and they will need you to entertain them.

Just by playing your regular game, you will show them that poker is not as simple as they think it is. At the same time, you will enjoy the time you spend with them at the tables and the money you win by applying your experience and skill.



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21/11/2017 15:05:42

Fall ? There is snow on the floor already where I live. Went straight from summer to winter :(

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