super125x got promoted to $100 stakes!

It seems that the second Smart League season was a launch ramp for our hero.

Congratulations to super125x for reaching the $100 Spin & Go's!


After some spectacular results obtained during the second Smart League season, super125x returns in the spotlight with a new big achievement.

Our guy became a Diamond member after he managed to make himself noticed at the $60 stakes with 47 cEV and almost $20,000 made on 6,123 games.

He climbed the $60’s wall and he did it in a spectacular way and that is why we are glad to have him here to tell us the story of his rapid climbing:

super125x: My beginnings at $60’s weren't too easy and I didn't feel comfortable at all. Before I started to play $60’s I heard a lot of opinions that those were the toughest stakes and that the difference regarding the level of difficulty is huge between $30’s and $60’s. That made me think that regs at $60 Spin & Go’s were very good and if I wanted to outplay them I had to use some new crazy lines during the game, which, as it later turned out, wasn't the best idea.

Fortunately for me, I was in a very good team during the second Smart League season, with some great players who were willing to help me. whizz_kidpl and faldorn07 helped me a lot and offered me all the necessary support. I learned a lot of strategic stuff from them, but what is way more important in my opinion is that they helped me find the right attitude to the new stakes.

They told me that most regs at $60’s weren't too good, that too much levelling in spots was the worst thing I could do, that I should play the same game that I had played at $30’s and all of these would help me beat the $60 stakes. They were the first players who told me that $60’s are easy. This simple advice let me feel more comfortable at these stakes and allowed me to achieve quite good results.


In my opinion, the new rakeback system is definitely bad for us, for the regular players, but this is not the end of the world. It's just something that we have to deal with and the faster we do so, the better for us.

Reaching $100’s is one thing, but being able to stay there for good is another thing. I want to be able to compete with the best Spin and Go players in the world as equals and qualify to the next Smart League season as a Diamond player. Also, achieving my first SmartNova at $100’s would be pretty nice.


Good luck at $100’s and never lose your determination!


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