Private coachings for Spin & Go's - they are here, in Smart Spin!

This is an initiative which helps you improve your skills and get to know players of our team.

Private coachings are the most successful form of learning and at the same time, the most solicited one.

Everyone wants private coachings from better players to make necessary amendments to their games, learn something new and solidify their knowledge. We understand how much value this gives our members, that's why we introduced a special community-bonding initiative called "Take and Share"!


What is Take and Share?

This project is a child of our founder bakudranski who, better than anyone, understands the need for reaching out to better players and learning the game in duos.

In short, a player needs to coach someone from the lower stakes and in return, he will get an hour of private 1-on-1 with someone playing higher or in general, with someone more experienced.

Take and Share connects people across all stakes: from $7 to $100 Spin & Go's, from regular members to senior coaches and founders.

It works as in the picture below:



What's best is that there are no requirements to join Take and Share - every Smart Spin member playing $3 Spin & Go's or higher can join!

And because the guys from the lowest stakes may not be skilled enough to give out coachings, they are just on the receiver side of things. Pretty good, right?


Our coaches recommend Take and Share

Working in duos is far more beneficial than working alone.

Many poker players forget about this simple thing. They want to be lone wolves in the poker era where working in group makes hunting so much easier.

The faster people realise this, the better for them. Here in Smart Spin you've got almost 800 members who could be your poker partners. There is so much to choose from and Take and Share is a great first step toward a long term cooperation!


Listen to people who already achieved success in poker:

bakudranski: "Take and Share" project has many advantages. The most important and the most obvious one is the opportunity to get in touch with players from higher stakes. It's the perfect occasion to get a view from someone who is at the level we want to achieve ourselves. And he is playing one limit higher, so his stakes are our next target. He is where you want to be in the nearest future. Use his directions to cross the path between your limits!

Next advantage is to put yourself in more experienced player's shoes. If you are coaching someone in "Take and Share", you need to understand and appreciate your situation. The player(s) you coach will look up to you. Teaching other people is not easy, but it develops you greatly. To help someone understand a concept, first you need to understand it yourself. And it's so beneficial to your own game.

We created a huge community with the common goal. We all want to improve the quality of our lives, the financial condition, and the use of our own time (which is very flexible thanks to poker). "Take and Share" gives you the perfect opportunity to actively take part in Smart Spin's community and to unlock the full potential you have within you.


FCD: Take and Share not only helps to build better relations with other players but what's the most important, it lets them widen their horizons. A direct contact with other professional grinders, no matter if they're better poker players or not, helps you consolidate your knowledge and spot flaws in your thinking process. Remember to focus on improvement not only when you're the one playing lower stakes, but also coach others with intention to boost your skills. That's something priceless.


Fetedlabiere: Take and Share is a great opportunity to get your game to the next level.  Working with a more experienced player, questioning and learning from him, is one of the best ways to improve. There is a reason why hourly rates of coaches in the market are that high and if you get the option to use such a great tool you should abuse it as much as possible. That means spending time in choosing the right topic which will help you the most (either one of your weaknesses or strengths of your coach, but preferably both), preparing for the coaching session as much as possible (hands and questions), take notes and study new things afterwards!

But that's not all! Even as a coach Take and Share is very valuable. Firstly, trying to put your thoughts into words that other guys can understand will help you get deeper into your own knowledge and will help you strengthen your abilities. Secondly, even as a coach you can get new interesting ideas and learn different point of views which will help you in your future development. Always keep your mind open for new and better ideas!


WaffleBubble: The main advantage of the Take and Share program is the fact that people can cooperate on 1v1. You get the opportunity to find out what approach of the game you must have to be a good player. Unfortunately, on normal coaching sessions people are not very active and this is why their learning process is not very effective. By taking and giving advice in such small groups you are forced to think, talk and develop your thought process.

My approach while giving coaching sessions for “Take and Share” is the same that I have when I educate myself. I want to take the player to the point where he can take a decision by himself.



Smart Spin gives you a lot of tools to improve your game. You just need to reach for them and start forging your poker skills!


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