Team Up: win coaching tutorship and invitations to the next Live Event!

Are you a Prospect or Starter member? Then you should definitely be interested in this promotion!

While our top players are battling in the semi-finals of the second season of Smart League, making 5-digit results and fighting for awesome rewards, we'd like to give a little incentive to the people who were unfortunate enough to not join our football-themed promotion.

Smart Spin presents Team Up!


Win coachings and

invitations to Live Event!


If you are a Prospect or Starter member of Smart Spin Team, this is your chance to feel the spirit of Smart League!

Being coached by the top Smart Spin players is definitely within your interest as this is the best possibility to get better at this game! Spin & Go's are the most profitable format right now, so you should learn as much as possible, as soon as possible!

Our Live Community Events are bi-yearly meeting where we come to see all familiar faces and meet new people from Smart Spin Team. These three day holidays in a 5-star hotel with many side activities are the greatest opportunity to have fun with your fellow teammates!


How can you get your hands on these rewards? Form a 5-person team and give your best in June to get to the top of the team $EV standings!



What is this promotion all about? You group up in the teams of five from your channel and start grinding hard in June to collect as much of $EV+RB as possible!

What can you win? The team with the highest $EV wins a private coaching tutorship from Smart Spin's finest. If there are at least 6 teams from the given group level, we will also hand out invitations to our next Live Community Event which will take place in July! NOTE: Only one randomly chosen member from the winning team will get an invitation to our next Live Event!

Do Prospects compete with Starters? No, we give out two prizes: one for the top Prospect team and one for the top Starter team.

How can you sign up? Find other four players who would like to join you in this promotion and send your application to one the two staff members responsible for this promotion: gama (J.M0RIARTY) or ibjlhy09. Head to our thread on the forum to know how to contact them and what your application should consist of!

What are the deadlines? We are waiting for teams' applications till the end of May. The full promotion will take place in June. To get rewarded, you need to send your full player history audits to our mail no later than on 2nd of July.


Remember, we leave everything in your hands! It's only up to you how involved you will be in our promotion.

By now, you should have seen how our Smart League teams are doing and how they are organised. We will also help you with a few threads on our forum. Check them out:

Team Up: promotion rules

Team Up: volunteer to join someone's team!

Team Up: approved Prospect teams

Team Up: approved Starter teams


We hope to see you in our Team Up promotion and we wish you good luck!



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