Thank you for being part of Smart Spin!

And for sticking up with us for one more year.

The year 2018 is ending now and it's been a great one! We had a lot of activity around here with:



Smart League,

Tinder challenge,

solving mindset issues,

building powerful studying groups,

embracing the practice of meditation,

and the challenge of cold showers,

and the challenge of fixing the sleeping issues,


and the best part was that we did this together as a strong community!

This is why we want to express our gratitude to you!


Thank you for playing your part this year! 

Thank you for enjoying and loving the game!

Thank you for challenging us, you helped us grow more! 

Thank you for wishing more than to be a mediocre player!

Thank you for the fact that you help each other to climb the stakes! 

Thank you for working hard, you are enjoying your results right now!

Thank you for participating in the challenges that we organized for you! 

Thank you for all the questions you asked, they helped us know your needs more! 

Thank you for being part of Smart Spin! 


Merry Christmas to everyone and A Happy New Year!




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