The $500 stake is a reality for Smart Spinners. Are you ready to join it?

Here is the latest news about our $500 division in Malta.

Smart Spin is growing every day. While we have new members who are starting to learn poker, we are also developing our own division for crushing the $500 stakes. Here is our latest news about the group of members who are already winning at this stake.


Meet our new division, the $500 stakes

We invited our top members in Malta to play at the $500 stakes. We selected the players who already have a professional attitude towards the game, have a good theoretical basis and a good mindset. These big games imply huge money swings and you really have to be ready for them. And with a good approach, the top players from $100 can easily achieve a good EV at $500 also. For example, CuAt69UsdSng achieved $20,000 of EV in 2 days, wiz_kidPL played 150 games and made $10,500 of EV, these are just a few numbers that can motivate anyone who plays at $100's right now.



Rusty Old Farts in Malta, vol. 1!

In this video, Banis and IJustGamble talk about the new offer for Smart Spinners to play at the $500 stake. Of course, they are also being themselves, joking and having fun, while they show you Malta, specifically the area where they live and make Smart Spin a better place every day.



Rusty Old Freaks in Malta, vol. 2!

In today's episode, first of all, you will see what a good drone pilot IJustGamble is. He and Banis will show you their secret location, where you can drink wine with a panoramic view of the valette and they mention a little bit about the vacancies for our new HU project. Enjoy!



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