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It's been five weeks of dealing with anger. What are the results?

Sometimes it's good to be angry. It gives us the necessary strength to go through any blocks and boulders that are standing in our way.

But most of the times, anger is the wrong way of living. We lose our mind over something that is not relevant to the big picture and our life as a whole.

Not to mention that it is terrible for your health.

For poker players, it's even more troublesome. If we get angry away from the tables, we may bring this unwelcomed companion to our game and make decisions in the heat of the moment. Or we may get mad during play and suffer even more because it will not go away after few days untouched; if it's a poker issue, it will keep repeating itself every time we sit down at the tables.

That's why our mindset specialist whys0serious launched his five-week course about "Anger management". It's a perfect answer for every furious person who meets his demon on or off the tables.

Here are all of the five videos we released. Enjoy!




Who is 'whys0serious'? Check out the latest interview with our mindset specialist here!


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