The most common things that appear in your dreams!

Find your dream among these ones!

When you heard of poker the first time, your mind started to show you different images about people playing at round tables with glasses of champagne, sexy girls and tons of money flying in the air. 

It is true, don't try to hide it!

Of course, after a second, you started to think about luck, gambling, cheating and all the bad rumors that people spread around without even knowing what poker is and how to play it professionally.

But let's stay with the first image and look at it a little more, detail by detail. You can do this know since you are already a professional player, you know the good and the bad of this world, therefore you can enjoy every minute of it.


What do you see in your dreams?


poker cards everywhere

No matter where you look, you see a card, a sign, something that reminds you of this game. You see the cards before going to sleep, and after drinking the coffee in the morning, you sit back at the computer looking at them again. This is a normal dream and it will go away with time.



The thrill is strong

When you sit at the tables you have this feeling that something really important is about to happen, that you are part of something big and your every action will have a big influence on the outcome. 



tons of money raining on you

You must have had this dream at least once. Money raining down on you is definitely an image you thought about when you first started playing poker. If you played long enough this has become now a reality and you don't need to dream it anymore.



The parties are crazy

When you heard about poker and casinos, you imagined the big saloons filled with people surrounded by the sounds of chips. This is one recurrent dream for you in which you party with all the players and have tons of fun and laughter.



oh, the beautiful girls

Once in a while, you dream about the girls too. The one that brings your drink to the table, the one that sets the cards, the one that gives you the chips at the beginning, the one that looks at you from the back of the room, they are all there in your dream.



fame is your middle name

Oh, the fame! Of course, you dream about being famous and popular. Everyone should want to spend time with you, learn from you and listen to whatever you have to say. You feel powerful and strong. You are happy to be so well-known and you enjoy signing autographs for your fans. 


Poker is a separate world where anything can happen at any moment. You started to be curious about this game exactly for the reasons listed above. In time, you also realized hard work is necessary along with responsibility, courage, taking risks and constantly studying the game.

We are glad you did! 

Enjoy the tables and good luck!



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