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Smart Spin is more than the best online poker school - we are a big and happy family. Every week brings with it more news about how our community grows and grows.

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  Our software helps you fix over 1,000 poker mistakes already!


What is Smart Coach?

Smart Coach is your personal leakfinder which scans hand histories from your hard drive and shows you where you make mistakes. They can be as trivial as folding a hand preflop when you should have called, but they also can be as advanced as getting donked in an isolation pot in the big blind versus small blind scenario. It also tells you what the best play in a given situation is and that's thanks to the comment section written by the top Spin & Go and HU HT players!

Learn more about Smart Coach


We are constantly reminding you of this tool because it is a very important part in your poker career. It is your personal coach and our staff takes care of improving it. Smart Coach is helping you improve your game in over 1,000 situations and this is only the beginning of its beautiful evolution. All you have to do for getting this revolutionary poker tools is to join our team.


 Skrill removes fees from sending money between users... but only for VIP members!


Finally, some good news is knocking at our door. Skrill is removing transfer fees for its VIP members. Becoming a VIP member is not a hard thing for poker players - you must send to merchants at least €15,000 within the quarter of the year.

If you are a Smart Spin member all you have to do for getting your Bronze status is to register at Skrill with us. This status will offer you smaller fees, bigger withdrawals, more security to your account and 24/7 dedicated support.


Become Skrill VIP only with Smart Spin!


 One more Smart Spin member crushes $100's - check out his strategy!


Our Smart Super Star series is becoming more and more popular. CuAt69UsdSng is the host of this beautiful weekly series and he takes care of bringing in front of you only top players. This week’s star was super125x. Our member is a $100 stakes players and he is ready to share with you many strategy things which helped him reach the top.

Below you can watch super125x analyzing different aspects of the game with CuAt69UsdSng:


Oxidosiss jumped the barrier of $100k EV!


Congratulations to Oxidossis for achieving $100k in EV and for crushing $100's with 45 cEV!

Our member had an amazing run during this summer and his hardwork has been rewarded to the measure of his effort. We invite you to read this short interview in which our player is talking about his future plans. His words will surely make you see that there is always place for improving.

Oxidosiss:… I will invest money in "something" in the future. I can say that I have partners and some ideas, but I want to keep them for myself. Actually, I’m considering relocating to Italy together with some top Smart Spin players because during the next period of time I want to focus mostly on poker. 


Are you curious to find out how our coaches make tons of money?fi_sh_ark_84 overall graph


This weekly series will help you get to know our coaches better. The first coach who crossed our threshold was fi_sh_ark_84, an amazing $100 Spin & Go player and a coach whose approach to the game will make you understand that poker is more than a way of making money. It is a continuous fight for evolution.

fi_sh_ark_84: Do you want my advice? Learn as much as you can at the beginning of your journey! When I teach others I try to find the most expensive leaks in my students’ game. Sometimes it is only a small piece which needs improvement. Sometimes it is much work needed. I try to show them my thinking process, how I learn, how I organize my day/week. My strong point in poker is that I am able to learn a lot to be in front of other players. Sometimes I am angry that I am studying too much.


This is your guide to understanding FlopZilla!


Each poker player needs to know how to use the software in his favor. This time our coach and top player Wolle83 explains to everyone how to use Flopzilla for improving your game. By reading this article you will find out that there are many opportunities that this poker software is offering to you and you must be aware that you can turn Flopzilla into a deadly weapon for your enemies. Start improving your game!


Look at what we prepared for our members in September!


The first autumn month is full of new things. We start this autumn with big dreams and hardwork is the only key to make these dreams come true.

In September's schedule you will find:

  • Smart Super Star
  • Live Plays
  • Game Plans
  • Game Flow
  • Crushfest


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