They are the proof that poker is a marathon, not a sprint!

Meet 10 of our top players who started their Spin & Go journey from the lowest stakes.

You already know many of the Smart Spin members below due to their spectacular results. They are now $100 stakes' crushers, but behind their success lies many hours of work and devotion.

They started their Spin & Go journey from the lowest stakes and little by little they made their way into the sea full of sharks from at the $100 stake.

Are you curious to find out who are these road openers?

We give you 10 names:




He made his way from $7 to $100 Spin & Go’s and he is now one of our top coaches. Zuber85 is a Captain and he will always remain one for his Smart League teammates.

Zuber85: Actually, when I joined Smart Spin, I was determined to get better. Playing cash games and playing Spin & Go’s are two different things. I had to learn everything over again. However, with the education received from so many great players, I was calm about my growth as a poker player. Moving up from $7 to $100 Spin & Go’s took me six months (frankly, I thought it would go faster ;) ). The most difficult things is definitely grinding over variance, which in Spin & Go’s plays a significant role. You need to play a lot to know how much you are really worth.




The man, the legend! TomP147 is one of our Diamond players and a top coach. Do you know what brought him where he is now? Hardwork and a lot of determination.

TomP147: First of all, I was very motivated because I had clear goals and I knew exactly what I had to play and learn. I was (and I still am) thinking bigger. I think a very important factor is self-belief. When I started at $7's, I was 100% sure that I will get to $100's and it will be just one of the milestones and the only thing I can't predict is how long it will take.




From an average player, our hero managed to become one of the Smart Spin stars. Nerineja85 is now crushing $100's and he is constantly improving.

Nerineja85: How did Smart Spin help me? In short: when you've got the chance to work with the best coaches in the world, you don't have to wait long for results to appear. I was working mostly with our videos, I analysed thoroughly every thing I learned from them. There is a ton of good productions and everyone will find something that suits him.

I was also active on our forum. It's a true gold mine with hand reviews and mindset help.




Our hero had a long road until reaching $100's, but this thing motivated him even more and now he is one of our top Diamond players. Congratulations!

kedziorek2: Before Smart Spin I played $3's and $7's with medicore results but I was a winning player. After I had joined, I started playing from $7's. It was a very fast limit. It took me almost one month, 80 cEV. On $15's I spent more time. I had a weak start but finally I achieved 55+ cEV. Then on $30's I had the biggest downswing. In the meantime I had surgery and I was completely distracted. November was my worst month.

In December I decided to be more solid and achieved very good results. I could play $60's from 2016. So I did. In less than one month I started to play $100's.




You all know Grasiu, right? He is one of our most talented coaches who is enjoying life to the maximum! He is also a Diamond player who started his Spin & Go journey from $3 stakes. We will let you discover Grasiu by yourself:

GrasiuSpin and Go's are the most profitable variant of on-line poker nowadays and I play poker to make money. Don't get me wrong... poker is a great game. A fun game, a competitive game, a mind-developing game. I really like it. But it's just a game and I don't have some grandeur reasons for playing it.




Our coach is one of the most feared Smart Spin sharks. fi_sh_ark_84 moved all the way up from $7 to $100 Spin & Go’s, but his road wasn't an easy one:

fi_sh_ark_84: I started at $15 Spin & Go’s on 11th of March. I saw so many weak players… and I had 15 cEV per game. I was wondering, “What the hell is going on???”. Easy opponents at the tables and I am losing money. I compared myself to them, I was thinking where am I in this system?

Analysing, analysing, playing. Still 15 cEV. I moved down to $7’s and got 90 cEV. I got back at $15’s and there was still 15 cEV. Again, I went down to $7’s and again 90 cEV. I was going to drop it because how was it possible I could not beat $15’s?!




Our Diamond player had an amazing run! He started humbly at $7's and he is now a $100 Spin & Go crusher! domazpl is a guy with big dreams and big ambitions. Good luck in fulfilling them!

domazpl: Yes, it's been around 9 years since I discovered poker for like 4-5 years I've been playing professionally. It definitely changed me, gave me a lot of freedom and I try to cherish it every day and remember how lucky I am :) As far as dreams are concerned, I realized some of them. The big multiplier helped take a great trip to Jamaica with my lovely girlfriend who injected the love to the Jamaican spirit in me.




This is his graph since April and it shows an incredible 66 cEV over 5,680 games at the €50 Spin & Go's, but our hero never stops improving! We wish him all the luck in the world!

dav3du22190: I'm really happy to be finally at the 100's level! I'm very excited to start playing at the highest level of Spin&Go. It was always my main goal from the beginning when I joined Smart Spin, so it's a great feeling!

But to be honest I was expecting to arrive here quicker. I started my journey with Smart Spin in March 2016 at €10's, quickly moved up to €25's then by the Summer I was playing €50's, everything went pretty quick at the beginning and I thought I would get to €100's within a few months after that, but it was a bit more complicated than that. €50's were quite reggy at that time, my game vs regs wasn't good enough to handle them so I was asked to move down temporarily. And it lasted a few months because of my inconsistent volume. Another factor was the quite strict promotion requirement, which was sometimes frustrating but on the other hand it forced me to get out of my comfort zone and work harder, thanks Banis!




Our hero made $15,000 in almost 3,000 games at $60's and he got instantly promoted to $100 stakes. But it wasn't an easy achievement:

Chrobson: I started by playing $7 Spin & Go’s and this was a big step for me at that moment. I had pretty decent results and I got promoted to a higher stake after 1,500 games. At $15’s I played the same amount of games and I got promoted again. At that point one of your staff members told me that I was doing great and he thought that I will improve very fast, but I knew that only 3% of people were reaching the top. So my main goal became to be a $100 stakes crusher. While playing $30’s frustrations came mainly because people had a different play style and they were not folding to my aggression. I was playing two tables simultaneously and I was angry because on both tables I had the same players who turned out to be some recreational players.


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