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Here is what we added in the latest week:


Leakbuster - 3w BB 3bet vs wide open from BTN vs BTN and vs SB

In this video, Fi_sh_ark_84 focuses on playing 3w Bb vs wide open from BTN and SB and on how to build 3bet range. Our coach's experience can bring more light into your knowledge and into the way you approach the various types of opponents! Enjoy and take notes!



Player’s session review - $3's by ciachooooo

In this video, our coach watched a session played by one of our members at $3's, adding his own commentary. Did he play well? Did he adjust correctly? Did he choose optimal sizings? Find it out yourself, and in case of any questions do not hesitate to ask them here, and tell ciachooooo about them on discord!



Become a professional.  Course 2. Module 1 - Building the right attitude.

In this module, you will know what does it mean to be a professional and you will be guided to find your own reasons for becoming one.



3w SB vs BU reg - Preflop Master Series

A new episode of preflop master series! This time it is about preflop adjusts from the 3w SB v BTN. You are watching here the first part of this production filled with theory, a few calculations from ICMizer and GTO stats from BTN and BB. Also, our coach is showing when and why we can 3b more hands and how many chips we can lose if we have wrong 3b range vs, for example, a very tight player. 



3w SB vs BU reg strategy - examples

A new episode of the preflop master series! This time it is about preflop adjusts from the 3w SB vs BTN. This production is divided into two parts. Here you have the second part: “Preflop examples”, where our coach is showing the real situation, real players and real hands, and ways to adjust vs different type of opponents.



Basic plan vs regs - hu bb

In the basic game plan vs regular players, you will witness a very easy strategy vs regulars. When you know that you are playing vs a regular player but you don’t have any information about his style, you can start from these tables and adjust properly to his leaks.


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