This is how you can close the year in a perfect way!

What should you do in the last days of the year?

We are finishing up and drawing the line after the year 2018!

It is very important how you end something because it may influence the next beginning. And in a few days, after relaxing and eating too much good food, you will embark in the new year of your journey through life and poker.

The endings usually come with lots of insights, clarifications, and new perspectives. Therefore, it is crucial to do these specific steps just to have another look at where you were. And of course, to start fresh with a clear vision and as less baggage as possible.


Review the entire year. Just like watching a movie.

WHY? Because we always see more clearly if we take the emotions out of the way.

Take it month by month, day by day. Maybe you don't remember everything but be patient and you will remember what is important. Write down the situations or events that appear in your mind. Just observe, be objective as if somebody else lived all these experiences. You are in the public, watching a movie at the cinema.



Be grateful towards everything and everybody.

WHY? While rushing through all kinds of activities, we have the tendency to not see the part that other people play for our success and well being.

Say it out loud. It will help you feel more. While looking at each event, be grateful for each experience, for each person that you met, for each feeling that you experienced. Be open and grateful especially towards the situations that you didn't fully understand while realizing that maybe there are still some aspects that you just don't know.


Observe yourself. Acknowledge that you did all that you could and this is the result.

WHY? Because when we want huge results, we don't see all the steps and the work that we truly do.

See yourself during this year, from the observer's seat. Who were you in January, what were your hopes, what were your plans, your wishes. What steps did you take in 2018? How do you feel while watching yourself acting in the movie called 2018? Can you relate to 


Accept everything as it is. 

WHY? Because being accepted fully is also your greatest desire.

This is the hardest part. For sure some things were not how you wanted them to be. For sure, some of your actions were not the way you planned or wished them to be. Still, this is what happened, it's in the past, and the best way to cope with it is to accept the reality. Think about the times when you are accepted just the way you are, with your weirdness, your habits, your needs, etc. That is the best time when you can see yourself clearly and also change something about you without any pressure. The same happens with the world around you.


Express your desires

WHY? To know what road should you take.

What do you want is very important. To be clear about what do you want is even more important. Make a list and look at it carefully. The year is about to start and soon you will accomplish all those desires.


Happy New Year!


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