This is the most important video series you will ever see as a Spin & Go player - Crushfest!

Why is it so important? Find out in our news!

We've repeatedly been saying to you that Crushfest is an essential video series for all Spin & Go's players.

Why? In short, it shows you how to improve your winrate against recreational players vastly, and this may be more important than you think.


Sea of fish

In today's Spin & Go's world, there is still a lot of recreational players who dream of big multipliers. We are not surprised at all; we see this every day at the tables and in our news section.

The thing is that thinking less of them doesn't make you an expert. They still have their own strategy which can make some dents in your armour. You are not invincible, as many of players struggling to get past the lowest stakes have found out by now.

Even higher stakes players take full advantage of Crushfest, and kurzatvvarz is the best example of someone who got his things together after watching this series:

Before I joined Smart Spin, I played 7,000 tournaments at $60's with 43 cEV, but it was just too low to attack $100's. I felt pretty confident against regular players, but I didn't know how to maximise my profit against recreational players. After I joined Smart Spin, I got this knowledge on the silver plate, but I surely did not expect my cEV to improve so much and that it would take me so little time to end up at $100's.

Now, kurzatvvarz is a crusher at the $100 Spin & Go's!

You may be able to handle regular players, but your profit is also dependant on recreational ones. What's more, if you struggle against sharks, you can quickly boost your winrate against fish and still make a pretty good living.


Detailed strategy to use right away!

Our founder bakudranski has analysed millions of hands to find out the most profitable strategy against recreational players. He broke it down to different board structures, different hand strengths and different sizings. All of this makes Crushfest so powerful!

Board structures are divided into "wet" and "dry", and on the picture below, you can find many examples of both, grouped up into more categories:



Hand strength also matters. You will act differently with the top of your range, mediocre hands, draws (good and worse), and total air on all of these boards! It's almost impossible to come up with all of this on your own, that's why we record these videos for you.

Finally, accurate bet sizings can make or break your winrate. Do you know how much you should bet on QJ8 double suited board with a medium pair and mediocre kicker in the HU SB situation against recreational players? Smart Spin members have got this knowledge already handed to them.


We provide many different videos

We do not focus on one position; we'd rather teach you them all!

So far in the second season of Crushfest (yes, our strategy is being regularly updated!), our founder bakudranski released instructional videos on:

  • HU SB on wet boards
  • HU SB on dry boards
  • HU BB facing cbet
  • HU BB probing
  • 3w BB vs BTN facing cbet
  • 3w BB vs BTN probing
  • ... and there are more to come!

Crushfest has been extremely popular amongst Smart Spin members. It is the most viewed video series ever recorded here, and we are not even surprised of that.

Would you like to get the access to it too? There is only one way to do it:


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