We are spreading our wings even more!

Smart Spin translates its learning materials in Romanian too!

Without questions, Smart Spin school continues to grow more and more!

Because of this, Smart Spin wants to facilitate access to the best strategy for Spin & Go's and this is one of the most important steps that we could take to spread the information even more: all the learning materials are being translated right now, including articles, live plays, coaching recordings, mindset videos and so on.

A short while ago, our staff gathered a group of translators and we started to translate our materials into all the languages that exist in Smart Spin.

We already presented you our Hispanic Community and our Italian community, this time we will share about our Romanian players and what they have been up to so far!


Learning Materials

We already have translated strategy materials for both micro stakes and high stakes. 30 videos coaching recordings are already available and that number grows as we speak. 

To give you a small sample of our work, you can follow the link below: 


Mentorship Programme

We have a mentorship programme conducted by andyx10. He is our member since 2016 and today he plays at the $100 stake. In addition, he is the manager of the Romanian Smart Spin Community. He worked hard to be in this position and continues to prove his worth and experience by leading our Romanian players to the higher stakes!


Communication & Organization

To communicate better, our players use the Discord channels where they talk about mindset issues, strategy issues and share information to support each other. 

Of course, they also organize themselves for the coaching sessions with their leader, and they help each other to climb the stakes.


To learn more about our Romanian players you can follow the links below:

Spartacusuk climbs to the $60 stake

ekkkko reached the $30 stake!

sw0rdz0r climbs to the 30 stake!

de_doua_oriM reaches the $60 stake!



To have access to the new materials, you need to be a member of our school! 



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