This is your guide to understanding FlopZilla!

Wolle83 prepared four videos which will answer your every question about the usability of this tool.

A Head Coach and a Partner in Smart Spin Team, Wolle83 has achieved almost $300,000 of EV at the Spin & Go's.

He is formerly known as a successful MTT player with $120,000 in winnings. One of his proudest moments was winning one of the SCOOP tournaments and getting a specially designed watch for this. Wolle83 started his journey with Smart Spin with a negative winrate at the $15 Spin & Go's, and now he is a winning reg at the $100 Spin & Go’s with fantastic heads-up results!

As a Head Coach, he now leads you to where he got himself. Today, you can advance one step further to the highest stakes with his four new videos about using FlopZilla!


#1 Introduction to FlopZilla

You would think that we start off with a fairly simple subject, but you may be surprised here! Wolle83 familiarises you with options and settings of FlopZilla, as well as giving you the overall introduction to its most important features:


#2 Calculating Fold Equity

Do you have enough fold equity? That is one of the most important questions when it comes to playing aggressive poker. You need to know the answer. Otherwise, you are just spewing money:


#3 Calculating Decisions with Draws

It's not so easy to determine whether we can call or fold with our draw, nor is it a good feeling to lose chips in these situations. FlopZilla can show you the correct plays, but only if you make some solid calculations:


#4 Calculating Bluffcatches and Hero Calls

We all love a good hero call, and sometimes too often, we are inclined to make one when there is no evidence that we should do it. It's all about the range and numbers which you will get in FlopZilla! See how you can calculate if your call is profitable:



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