This player won over $4,400 EV at $15 Spin & Go's in August

Even the lower stakes have their winners and he is one of them.


Congratulations to kttl22
for achieving the top result
at the $15 Spin & Go's this month


August was a very good month for him since he finished it with astonishing $4,407,51 EV


Even if you are from a lower stake, you are also being taken care of in the Smart Spin community. And at those lower stakes, you can still make some amazing results!

This August, we present you kttl22 who achieved $4,407,15 EV at $15 stake. That's almost 300 EV buy-ins!

Let's hear from the man himself:


kttl22: I want to have even greater results in September...

I have been playing online poker for the last 5 years. It is a long time and frankly, I am a bit disappointed about my latest results. I understand I am on the top at my stake, but I could definitely do better. That is why for me there is nothing to celebrate actually. Maybe after September, I will be happier and then I will share more with you guys.


My belief is I should make one step at a time...

I just want to say that to me, it feels really good to be here in the Smart Spin community. I am glad to be reaching the $15 stake and my wish is to go even higher. Of course, I want to reach the top but let's just say I am looking at the $30 stake right now.


I love all the strategy videos. Thank you to all the coaches for doing that kind of work...

I received a lot of great help from this community and I would like to express my gratitude towards all the coaches because they are working a lot to produce the strategy videos. There is a lot of good videos which helped me improve my game. For all the new members, I recommend you to watch all of them.


Good luck in September, winner!



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11/09/2017 20:22:37

You are doing awesome job, keep going ;)

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