ClarKent114 breaks the $EV record at $30 Spin & Go's in September!

Our hero promises a great comeback to $100's.

Congratulations to CkarKent114 for achieving the title "Top player of September" at $30 Spin & Go's! Our hero finished the month with 77 cEV and over $4,500 EV won in 2,024 games.



Our hero is ready to show you his superpowers. No, he is not going to save the world, but he will blow your mind by sharing his winning strategy with you.

ClarKent114 is ready to prove to you that joining Smart Spin gives you wings to reach the top:


Saydana: Hello, ClarKent114! We are glad to have the winner of some big multipliers here. It seems that you are like a magnet for money. Has it always been like this? Can you please introduce yourself a little bit to our readers?

ClarKent114: Hello! My name is Clark and I have been playing poker for few years. Before joining Smart Spin I was playing all kind of HU formats and I was guided by iJustGamble during the last year of my career. That's why I was among the first Smart Spin players together with Perez1187. It's mind-blowing to observe how professional Smart Spin is now when i remember what it was like at the start. :)

My Spin & Go journey is not a bed of roses. I had a great start at $60's and $100's. In a few months I had more money than ever and I was just clicking buttons. Zero analyse, zero volume, zero preparation. This is how failure and a massive makeup showed up. I got moved down to $15's and I woke up with $25,000 makeup and no motivation to grind. I decided to write to whys0serious and within a few weeks I started to double my grinding hours and I regained 75% of my losses at $30's. Every month I get results to be promoted to $60's, but I am still not ready. In 2-3 months, with a clear account, I will attack $60's with pleasure.


Saydana: Wow! As far as I can see you have a life full of thrilling moments. How did you manage to get such good $EV results in September? Can you please share with us your little secret?

ClarKent114: Well, during the last months I watched some coachings almost everyday and I meditated 2-3 times/day during breaks. Now every dollar counts for me, so even when I feel tired instead of going sleep I grind $15's for 1-2 hours. Kind of on autopilot, but it is still a profitable style. Games at $30's were pretty soft compared to $60's and $100's. There are many regs, but also many fishes. It's better to focus 150% on playing vs fish than on a HU with a reg. If you focus too much on regs' game you can lose focus and hundreds of free chips with the donks. Be solid, kill fish, put in volume, find the biggest weaknesses in regs' stats and punish them to maximum.


Saydana: Let's forget a little bit about grinding. How was your summer, hero?

ClarKent114: During summer I was playing foosball and I had a great love adventure. Now I have real and touchable motivation to grind!  My future goals are pretty clear now. Grind hard until the end of my career, go back to $100's next year and maybe one day to buy a house in the mountains. I still think about moving to Italy or Spain next year. We will see. :)


Saydana: I wish you all the luck in the world, Clark! Now, in the end of our interview please tell me what helped you the most to get this amazing result in September?

ClarKent114: Probably coaching videos, and having hundreds of people to analyze and evolve together. Our forum is also priceless, but I can't force myself to be active on it.


Saydana: See you at $100's, hero! The ladder is there, just have the courage to climb on it!


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