TOP5 $EV of our coaches!

We've updated the results they made at the Spin & Go tables!

Recently, we've decided that it was time to update our coaches' graphs. We do that from time to time to keep you up to date with their results.

Of course, we couldn't miss the chance to brag a little about it!

We've got many players in our '$100,000 EV Club', so it's no surprise that the top Smart Spin coaches also belong there:



SuperNova Elite holder and a world traveler. Huge volume is his trademark.

Who would have guessed that ytrer will open this list? But enough with the sarcasm because it's a huge achievement for him. He's just crossed a $300,000 mark. He gets better and better every day, so next year we may write about another huge milestone. Half a million maybe? Good luck!




Be afraid of someone who does not care about the money and used to play NL10k HU cash.

One of the prettiest graphs we've ever seen. TeemTeem is well known for his exceptional skills, but this really proves how good he is. Every coaching with him is a pure gold. We just love how he talks about ranges!




Successful MTT player with $120,000 in winnings. Now a reg at Spin & Go tables.

Our SmartNova Elite holder, a very talented player. Thankfully, he is also very busy with Smart Spin, he made his appearances at iJustGamble streams, on Dancing After Dark or in Hall of Fame videos. He also worked with a lot of our members, helping them improve the game and this month he will teach our $15's and $30's players how to crush HU SB!



Former high stakes MTT player. Dances on his opponents’ stacks.

The fourth position belongs to our MTT beast and if you are a Polish poker player, there is no way you wouldn't have heard about him! Recently, CuAt69UsdSng invented Live Plays - a way to comment our member's session in real time, without breaking PokerStars rules. He's also got a training group for people who joined Smart Spin with his recommendation!




Poker machine - study, grind, win. He is welcoming downswing as an old friend.

Lately our members heard many good things about him and there is a reason for that. $125,000 of EV is one thing, but he also takes his responsibilities very seriously. We love to have him on this TOP 5 list as it is a well-deserved spot!


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