vivePSGpoker is a new rising star

"I found SmartSpin and I applied. It was my best decision this year."

When a month ends, we can see who has had the best run and we are glad that some new names appear under the spotlights. This month, at the €10 stake, vivePSGpoker managed to have the best results at his stake and he agreed to talk with us about his poker journey so far. 


Congratulations vivePSGpoker for acheiving €3,174 EV after playing 2,938 games with 87,07 cEV.


adaeg: Hello vivePSGpoker and thank you for agreeing to this interview. You managed to stand out this month with a great EV and we want to know more about you. Before talking about your top results please tell us how you started to play poker.

vivePSGpoker: Hi, it’s a pleasure for me to give this interview. If I remember well, I started playing poker 2 and a half years ago, while I was looking to make some money. I tried everything in poker, starting with SNG, then MTT, then CG, but I was never enough good to earn anything in long-term, or just 1 or 2 euros per hour, nothing incredible. 


adaeg: Why did you choose poker? What attracted you to this world?

vivePSGpoker: It was incredible to me that people were able to earn money with poker on the Internet, without moving and it was possible to learn at home with all of the content on the internet. I always liked mathematics and numbers, so why not try poker? My first big deposit was €50 I think, playing NL20, I ran hot or…played well, we will never know, but I reached €300 profit in 5,000 hands. I was thinking the game was so easy, and with my 6 BI bankroll, I jumped to NL50. I was ready for tougher things. In 10 minutes I lost €150. I think I needed to learn how to play.

So during several months, I was playing for fun, NL2, Double or Nothing, but you know when you are not making any profit or just a little, the first downswing is heartbreaking. So I used to purge my Tracker every time I was running bad, I couldn’t accept it when I played badly.


adaeg: I know that can be a hard thing to accept. But then you joined Smart Spin, how did you choose to become a member of our school?

vivePSGpoker: After months, actually almost 2 years of playing poker without any profit, I found on a forum some topics about Spin and Go's. At the beginning, I thought it was just for fishes who wanted to win a jackpot, but it was unbeatable. Then I saw more and more topics about Spin & Go challenges, so I started playing €1 Spins on my own. I was doing okay, around 80 cEV at €1, but I knew it would be hard to increase my level alone. So I found SmartSpin on 2+2 and I applied. I was really happy to be accepted in the school, but also a bit stressed about failure.

My journey started at €2 with Smart Spin, in 1 month I was at €5, then it took me almost 5 months to be promoted to €10 because of some mindset issues and a summer break. I feel really good playing at €10s now, thanks to the content provided by Smart Spin.


adaeg: Did you find what you needed here in Smart Spin?  

vivePSGpoker: I don’t regret my choice joining SmartSpin in March 2017. It was my best decision this year. The most important videos for me, at low stakes, are the basic ones. It is so important to know the basics to beat fishes. I read my notes about it once a month to remember the content. I also like the preflop charts which are gold for a Spin & Go player. It makes you earn 10 cEV without having to learn anything, you just have to follow a chart.

I also tried to watch every Crushfest position, but after 6 months with Smart Spin I'm still missing some, ahaha! What I enjoy the most is watching someone play. Live plays by Wolle83 is my favourite bit of content.

The Discord channels are a great opportunity to stay in contact with every player and to create a healthy competition with everybody, reading news, articles, jackpots earned. 


adaeg: It's good that you really used those fundamentals. Once you established the foundation it is easier to build something solid. And speaking of solid, your results of November look good on our leaderboards. You are the top player at the €10 stake. How do you feel about that?

vivePSGpoker: I’m really proud to be the best EV winner of my stake. I always read the news about the best player of the month, and it was one of my goals to be one of them once.


adaeg: Congratulations, you made it! How did you make it? Do you have a studying routine or something similar?

vivePSGpoker: My only routine before playing Spins is to plug my earphones into my phone, put on some music, open PT4, SmartCoach with the charts and then start a 30 to 45 minutes session. Being focused is really important and I don’t like playing more than this length. I rather divide my day into 4 or 5 little sessions than 2 big ones and lose focus.

I am in a study group with other of Smart Spin players from France. We review hands once a week, rail each other when someone is not confident with his game. It is motivating to have people to talk with when you are in downswings. I encourage everybody to find people from their country or his stakes to talk with.

For a little anecdote, fredykruger, the winner of the 10,000x last month is in our group, we were so happy for him, and some of us were here to rail him during the big jackpot. 

I would like to thank my study group for the support in good and bad times.


adaeg: It looks like you have all that you need to keep climbing the stakes and I wish you the best of luck. Before we part, tell us a little more about the man behind the nickname vivePSGpoker? What do you like to do in your free time?

vivePSGpoker: I’m a French man, 23 years old. I’m still a student, so when I have free time I like to play Spins, haha! I’m also a sports fan. Football, golf, winter sports, I like to watch all kinds of sports events on tv or the internet.
As you can see in my nickname I'm a fan of the Paris Saint Germain Team in Football. I hope we will win the Champions League this year. But if I would have to choose, I would prefer to win a 10,000x.


adaeg: Good luck with that and with everything that you do, vivePSGpoker. 


There is something interesting in having good results at what you do. This feeling gives you a boost of confidence in the game and in your power and it gives you a desire to keep going because you are curious about what is ahead on your road. Poker does that to the players. It is truly an amazing feeling! 


Join our school and enjoy this feeling with us! 



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