Watch this 2-part video interview with whys0serious! [PL]

A Polish news site PokerGround has recently invited our psychologist to their podcast. Now, the recordings have been released!

We are proud to tell you that our mindset specialist has widened his group of fans after being interviewed in the PokerGround's Podcast. What's more, he didn't do that once but twice! whys0serious first appearance was such a massive success that they decided to invite him once again, and now, we can show you what he was discussing there!

As you are well aware, mindset plays a significant role in poker player's success and the attendance for this podcast, as well as overall interest in it, have proved it. Thankfully, Smart Spin and Smart Backing have the mental game covered with tons of educational videos, on-going private sessions with our psychologist, mindset courses and help from the many successful poker players.

It's one of the pillars of our community. Hundreds of players have already benefitted of whys0serious work, and in those two recordings, you can see why!

However, we have bad news for our international audience. The interview was conducted in Polish, and there are no English subtitles for it. If you are looking for some mindset help, we encourage you to enter the "Mindset" category in our video library.

For the Polish viewers, we can only say: enjoy!


Interview, part 1

In the first part of this interview, whys0serious will try to answer the following questions:

  • Why do poker players need psychological improvement?
  • How should you start your journey with mindset?
  • What does whys0serious' job look like?
  • How much can you change your character while working with a psychologist?
  • What was the biggest mindset issue whys0serious stumbled upon?
  • How to deal with different feelings that accompany you while you are playing poker?
  • How to learn effectively?
  • ... and more!


Interview, part 2

In the second part of this interview, whys0serious talked more about the following subjects:

  • Is meditation a good addition to your life?
  • Why do poker players tilt?
  • Can you entirely eliminate tilt from your life?
  • Is there a link between poker players' age/experience and his tendency to tilt?
  • How is whys0serious working with Smart Spin and Smart Backing members?
  • How to deal with variance?
  • What is the biggest mental obstacle for a player who wants to go pro?
  • ... and more!



whys0serious approached many topics in those interviews, and you may have found some of his answers "too general". Believe us; he knows that feeling! As it's difficult to process a different issue in a 3-minute time span, he at least wanted to give you a general guide and point you in the right direction. That's why, once again, we encourage our players to enter the "Mindset" category in our video library.

And if you want to work with our psychologist as well, get access to tons of mindset materials, and improve your mental game, then...






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