We are now in-between things!

On the struggles of endings and ... the beauty of beginnings!

There 's no need in drawing a line, there is no need in taking a big decision now about what you will do next year,  the projects you should create or which new path should you start walking on from the 1st of January! 

The cards are already done! You have no control over that! Everything is already decided, take a deep breath and feel it!


What can you do?

The game has started and you will do what you know best: use the cards you have and the skills you own!



Maybe the first in line should be to play poker, but we will talk about that next. whys0serious made a full video on meditation for you. The most important is to practice, to actually sit in silence and listen to your thoughts. At the beginning will be weird, difficult, pointless because it shows no fast results. However, you will be a different person after a period of regular practice.




This is what you can do and what you know best AND what you really like to do. So, play as much as you can with the best tools you have. Take advantage of the materials we have, the videos and the coachings, etc. Another thing which is very important and maybe not very obvious for you is the fact that you have access to all these players that have more experience than you in everything regarding poker: the founders, the coaches and all the players who are playing at the $100 and above. Ask your questions now!



Accept and let go!

There are some things in your life that you would want to be different. You want more of this, less of that, maybe none of that and so on, and so forth. The very first thing to do is to embrace it all. Let's be honest, at some point in your life you wished for everything that you have now, the good and the bad. The intention behind your actions is the one that you should pay more attention to!



Have patience! 

December still needs to end for 2019 to begin! And you still need to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve, meet with friends and family, have drinks and eat too much. Yet, in the back of your mind, you will always feel that something is changing, some door is closing and the new is starting to arrive in your life. 



Be excited! 

You don't know yet what 2019 has prepared for you. Just like you didn't know what will happen in 2018 and now when looking back you can see so many events that built the player that you are today. Congratulations! Prepare for another amazing year and feel the excitement for all the great and challenging times that you will live and overcome in the next year. 


Good luck with everything!

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