We are Smart Spin. You will definitely reach the $100's with us!

How is Smart Spin helping you to climb the stakes?

Spin & Go is the poker format that motivated lots of people to join this field of work. Three people sitting at the same table sharing the possibility of winning thousands of dollars in minutes.

We, the Smart Spin crew, saw this potential in Spin & Go's and we created this school for you!

We've learned everything that is to know about this format to be able to deliver you all that you need to know, in a very concise way.

We've built a team of coaches and a very big library of learning materials.

We organize live events and lots of competitions.

We encourage our members to create study groups, to share the information, to ask questions and express themselves freely. 

In our community, you can find your perfect study partner, the best coaches in the field, a meditation group, lots of shared experience on how to keep your body and mind ready for the game, lots of interviews and blog posts, hand analysis and discussions, etc.


This is how Smart Spin will guide you in your poker journey:


FIRST - The basics


You will learn the basic knowledge, of course, and maybe at the beginning, it will seem a little mechanic. Just as a painter first learns about each colour and only after he dares to combine them and try new techniques.

For this, we have "The First Steps" that you should follow. They will make your start easier than ever. You will find them in our forum, waiting for you.



SECOND - You practice the basics


This is why sometimes our suggestion to you is to start from a lower stake. Don't feel bad about this, it is necessary and very productive. Think about when you first get your license and you start driving a second-hand car because it's way better to scratch that one first.

This is how you learn about your game, your leaks, your strong points. In the meantime, you will also start to get into your opponent's mind and study the other's game too.



THIRD - Strategy 1.0


Here is where the strategy comes in. Besides the fact that you know the rules and a lot about your approach to the game, learning strategy implies adjustments of your game according to your opponents'. There are so many game theory videos in our library waiting for you to access them.

Naturally, the second and the third step go hand in hand. Practice everything, always.



FOUR - Strategy - advanced level


Once you are using the basics knowledge, you will go straight to the advanced strategy. Smart Spin coaches built this strategy and it is efficient. Check out our library and watch as many videos as you can about game plans, game analysis, adjustments and last but not least, live plays.



FIVE - Polishing your game


Search for more information and always keep yourself updated with the videos that we add each week on the website. Also, access the mindset library if you didn't until this point. There is a lot to work on this aspect too. whys0serious has prepared so many videos, webinars, articles and a mindset Discord group with tons of information and materials. 



Once you join our school there is only one question for you:







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