We introduce a new VIP program for our members!

Following the latest changes made by PokerStars, we do everything to fit in a new reality.

Today, PokerStars has introduced new Star Rewards to their international pool of players.

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We woke up in a new reality, but as you may suspect by now, we haven't been caught with our pants down. We've been preparing for this change for some time and we'd like to share with you our newest VIP Program:


Less buy-ins, same rewards

Just like in the case of drastic RB cuts at the beginning of 2016, we are now feeling obliged, as founders, to take as much of the unfavourable changes on our shoulders as possible. That is why we are decreasing thresholds of VIP program levels by 20-25%. Moreover, as you will be able to see, we will emphasize ROI pre RB, and we will favor those members who focus on quality. I have been repeating that many times, but I will repeat once again today - we are now entering no rakeback era, and it is the day that will completely transform the Poker Environment. That is why we must concentrate our efforts on minimizing this day's impact on our Members' earnings. ~ Banis, Smart Spin's CEO

PokerStars cut down the amount of rake you will be getting back to your wallet, that's why we'd like to make it up to you.

We present a new boost system which will focus solely on $EV before any rakeback. Reaching one of the thresholds will up your deal in the following month and you can go as high as to +15% addition to your deal!


Previous threshold New threshold Deal boost Additional rewards?
Gold 100 75 +1,5% NO
Platinum 150 120 +2,0% NO
SmartNova 200 150 +2,5% YES
SmartNova Elite 600 in 3 months 500 in 3 months +2,5% YES


SmartNova's additional rewards include "Smart Surprise" package which is being sent to every member who reaches 150 EV buy-ins in a month. As the title states, the package we send is a suprise and it's sometimes a personalised reward.

SmartNova Elite's additional rewards include an invitation to our next Live Community Event, a couple of days in a 5-star hotel filled with activities, fun and booze, as well as "Smart Gift" which includes many fantastic gadgets and electronics.

Check out ytrer's video on unboxing his SmartNova Elite's Gift:



Note: Only players with AVG BI of $25+ can take advantage of our VIP Program. It was designed with PokerStars players in mind, that's why Winamax or partypoker players cannot benefit from this VIP Program. Old Winamax players can keep their statuses by reaching the thresholds on new rules. New Winamax players cannot enter this Vip Program.


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