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Sunday is a good time to start your working day with some good quality videos from our coaches. This time you have some coaching recordings, live plays and strong mindset videos.


Blockers, HUDswappers and bluff-catching with Grasiu

The first part of this video contains information about some interesting topics, which don't come up usually - the ones that are not the most important parts of our poker game, but they are important nonetheless. In the second part, Grasiu talks about figuring out when to bluff-catch when a line of a regular does not make sense.



Tough times and decisions by Fishark & Grasiu

In this one, the two coaches teamed up to give you the best learning experience possible. Grasiu is having a month with a bad run of variance and in this video, Fi_sh_ark_84 helps him analyze some marked hands from this downswing period. They talk not only about the hands but also about the best approach to variance, bad runs and other mental game things. They also answer the participants' questions. This is a coaching recording suitable for the $7, $15 and $30 stakes.



Fi_Sh_ark_84 invites you to one more live play at $30s

Our coach has an original approach which can bring value to your own game. Watch Fi_sh_ark_84 playing when you want to take a break from playing or when you want to remember some of his skilful moves.



HU SB - when to fold our bottom range with Darkornot

This is a game plan video created by Darkornot for all Smart Spin members. This is actually the second video for the HU SB position, you should check the first part before accessing this one. In the second part, we jump into the action. We use the concept that Fetedlabiere developed in the first part, with some additional information like stack depth, dynamic, etc. 



Dealing with downswings by adamc1988

All of us know what a downswing is and we all want to get out of that mind state as soon as possible in the healthiest way. Start dealing with downswing with the advice of a former $1,000 HU HT reg adamc1988!



Beat the procrastination by adamc1988

Very closely connected to downswings, procrastination can become more present in our schedule when we are having a bad run at the tables. Learn about procrastination and how to fight it with the advice of a former $1,000 HU HT reg adamc1988!


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