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First of all, I want to thank a lot Mrunnerm ! His engagement for past years was priceless - especially from the inner side of Smart Spin! He has built strong foundations, create processes, and lit a team spirit fire that was crucial to keep our teamwork on a high level! As always, big love and applause for our team! There are nearly 30 people (not even counting judges, coaches, project leaders, and content creators!) extremely engaged in the project so that we can deliver the highest quality possible! It's a great honor to be a part of such an epic team! Each year we are better and better - we learn on our mistakes over and over what makes us stronger than ever! Now we move forward into the next level of Smart Spin!

I am here in Smart for close to five years almost since the very beginning! Firstly as a regular player, then as a judge and coach, after a while as a partner and a head coach, this year as a strategy team leader and the upcoming year, I will lead and represent the whole company! I am incredibly excited to be here!

As some of you know my story, I started playing poker over ten years ago.
Meanwhile, I failed the school, and my only life path was to put everything on one card and improve as a poker player. I had no education, no money, no skills, no passion, no perspectives.

Now, when I look back at my life, I realize how lucky I was to meet inspiring and wise people who guided me and helped develop as a person. Being a better man had a significant impact on me as a poker player. Then developing my mindset to become the best in this game helped me in being efficient also outside of a green table. Without a second of doubts, I can say that poker saved my life.

Now, for over six years, I coach people and help them to improve - not only their strategy - but to grow as "complete poker players" because poker isn't only about clicking one of the three buttons. It's about life philosophy, business approach, broad perspectives, and being the best version of yourself.

My goal for Smart Spin is to create an environment where every member feels that while being here, as a part of our team, they not only improve their poker skills and earn money but also develop as a conscious human being. I believe that with the correct approach, poker is one of the greatest games that put our weaknesses on a test and make us stronger and stronger each time we fight the adversity. I often give an example of Dragon Ball's Sayan warriors, who were becoming stronger each fight they lost and survived. Poker isn't an easy game - but nothing in this world that's worth having comes easy.

Upcoming year won't be easy for me But none of the last ten years were. The only way to become better is to put yourself on a challenge against your biggest enemy - yourself.

I promise that I will put my whole heart into our team. I want every one of you, in 20 years, recall an upcoming year with nostalgia, "How lucky I was to be there." :) I hope you will challenge yourselves as well :)

Enjoy the ride guys

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