What you do in your breaks has a great impact on the way you play

This is a small guide with do's and don'ts for the most effective breaks!

Having a break is necessary once in a while. In our poker world, our body and our mind need to do something else than staring at the screen and strategize, even just for 5 minutes. The break between sessions is a very important time and the way you use it can be critical for the next sessions. Here is a guide with do’s and don’ts for your next breaks. Choose what suits you, try new things and tell us how it goes in the comments section below.


Try these things to have a great break


1. Drink a cup of good tea/ lemonade/coffee.

Any drink is fine really, the idea is not to look at the screen anymore, but into the cup of your own drink. Choose something warm and as healthy as possible. Feel every sip. Close your eyes if you feel like it and rest them while you take a few deep breaths. Enjoy your warm tea and then you can start a new session.


2. Stretch or dance while listening one of your favourite songs.

The music is obviously your choice. You can exercise without it as well. Move your body as you feel, for example, relax your back by lying on the floor a few minutes, energize with a few push-ups or crunches. Anything that doesn't take too much time, but it can give you a pretty good boost of oxygen in your blood and puts you in a good mood.


3. Read the last notes you made again.

If you are not into exercising or drinking tea, you can read your last notes again in order to have them in your mind when you open new tables. This is a great way to continue your studying routine while taking a break from the poker tables.


4. Meditation - sitting in silence or gazing at the window.

At some point, you need to try meditation, for the sake of it. You can stay in the same chair, close your eyes and follow your breath. You can say to yourself: “Now, I inhale – now, I exhale” for a few times. This is a great way to just anchor yourself into the present moment.


What we advise you not to do in the break between sessions:


1. Don’t do streneous exercise!

You will still need the energy to face your opponents. Exercising is great if you do it in the morning, at the beginning of your poker session or at the end. In the short break between sessions, it is better if you only do one simple exercise as noted above.


2. Don’t eat heavy food!

After a heavy meal, usually, our body asks us to lie down and sleep. You need to be ready for the next round in a few minutes, therefore choose a light meal or a longer break.


3. Don’t start that one episode of your favourite series.

For the obvious reasons, don’t get into an activity that will take you longer than 10 minutes to finish. Especially if we are talking about a movie which could mean hours of watching tv. This choice can take you off track and this is exactly what you don't want.


4. Don’t open another website

Since the purpose of the break is to recharge, opening another website is not helpful. Regardless of its subject, a new webpage will not allow you to clear your head from the last images you saw, from the last thought you had in the last tables and so on. You will just pump new information into the brain, even if you feel it’s different and that 9gag makes you laugh – this doesn’t really help your mind and body to relax.


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