Inside a poker player's mind there are a lot of wishes this winter!

Did we guess yours?

What does a poker player want? Don't think about gadgets and technology. They already invested in all that. Their working setup is filled with the best headphones, wireless keyboards, tables with adjusted height and sophisticated hundreds of dollars chairs that support their posture properly while they crush their opponents at the tables. 

To find the right answer to this question, let's first remember that any poker player is first a human being! He will want the same thing as anybody else, with a poker twist! Here is what we think our players have in mind for this winter!


 Any poker player wants to be Santa Claus!

Basically, any player wants in December and in any other month to win a big multiplier. Money is a very important reason you started playing from the first place. However, in December, the motivation is different. Any big multiplier will provide enough money to buy all the gifts in the world for the family and friends that we hold dear. Being Santa Claus is being the hero for Christmas! 



Any poker player wants to party! 

Spending time with friends is not always a priority for a professional player. Poker is always number one on the priority list, and two and three, you get the idea. Still, at Christmas time, some things change. Our heroes travel to meet with their dear ones and celebrate the winter holidays together at a proper party!



A traditional dinner with the family is always a good time!

Although you cannot be with the family very often for different reasons such as distance for example, during winter and especially at Christmas, everyone remembers and wishes to eat that special dish that mom used to make! Families have something special and spending time in your old room will definitely be a good Christmas gift for you also!



Some players wish for a girl!

We must talk about this also. It is definitely on the list of some players this winter. Even though the work is good and money are coming in the bank account, there is always the so-called need for whatever a woman brings to our lives! You cannot lie here!



A lot of poker players want a quiet night with good tables!

After dinner, lots of players return to the tables to enjoy crushing some recreational players. The necessity of silence is real in this job. As a professional player and a lover for the game, you want peace and quiet to concentrate and play your best. For a poker player, this is the best feeling!



The traditional Christmas tree should be there!

Call us too conservative but we like this colourfull tradition. The decorated tree brings back dear memories and it also brings people together. Its presence in the house is a very natural thing since everything happens around it, the gifts, the chats, the sitting in silence, and so on.



What do you wish for this Christmas? 

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