What is Smart League 2.0?

We are sure you heard about it, so if you are a new on our site, you can learn more about this promotion here!

What is Smart League 2.0?

Smart League 2.0 is football themed promotion available only to Smart Spin members.

Top players from all stakes formed 12 teams with 16 people in every team.

We are running it to make Spin & Go's even more exciting, add some extra incentive for making a solid volume, give you the opportunity to work with other great players and meet more people from our community!


What are the rules?

We will try to make it brief and as easy as possible for you, that's why we will divide this section to a few parts:

  1. Tournament rules,
  2. Teams and Positions,
  3. Jokers and Cards,
  4. Awards,
  5. and Why is this promotion so great?


Tournament Rules

The first phase, the league phase, started on the 1st of February. During eleven rounds, each taking seven days and with one day break to send results, we will find out how all teams will fare against each other. Good performance will be awarded with points. Winning team will get 3 points for one match, losing side will get none and draws will be awarded with 1 point for each team.

After the group phase ends on 31th of April, we will give out first rewards and 8 teams with the best scores will advance to the knockout phase. Teams will play in the single elimination bracket and the duration of rounds will differ, with the Final being played out for the whole month!


Teams and Positions

We've prepared a small visualization to help you with that part of the league.

And just in case any of you are unfamiliar with some of the lingo, we're going to start of with a little vocabulary:

  • Prospect - $3-$7 Spin & Go's player
  • Starter - $15 Spin & Go's player
  • Plus - $30 Spin & Go's player
  • Elite - $60 Spin & Go's player
  • Diamond - $100 Spin & Go's player

We've got it covered, so let's get back to our image:

Out of 16 people in the team, 11 will go out on the field and fight one on one with the players on the opposing team. If the player wins, he gets 1 point for his team. Bigger team's $EV on the field is also awarded with one point. There is also Bench where five members are fighting against the opposite five. The win here is also awarded with 1 point.

Those points will decide on the final score. All points are being added up within one team and the matches may end with 16:0, 8:5, 11:3 score etc. This result will determine how much points the team gets in our table:

Winning team will get 3 points for one match, losing side will get none and draws will be awarded with 1 point for each team.

... as we wrote previously.

The best thing about the league is that people can change positions on the field. However, they can only go up!

Prospect members may be placed on the Starter, Plus, Elite or Diamond position, but Plus member can't take the position of Starter or Plus. This is one way street! The only privileged people are our Diamond members who are able to take the position of an Elite player.

This leads to a lot of leveling, as the team captains need to set the starting eleven before the round even begins!


Jokers and Cards

Joker is a unique title, awarded to one of the members on the field in every team. If the joker wins his match, he gets not one point for his win, but two! Even more leveling for our captain's.

To move smoothly through our promotion, we introduced cards which are given out for not sending us results on time. Everyone wants to see the final scores as soon as possible, that's why our members have 24-hour window between rounds to confirm how much $EV he or she made in that 7 day period.



This is a lengthy promotion so we didn't forget about some prizers along the way, more individual rewards and also a little incentive for captains so they can get 100% attentions to their teams.

Who will receive rewards?

  • First placed team of the group phase,
  • Second placed team of the group phase,
  • Third placed team of the group phase,
  • First placed team of the knockout phase,
  • Second placed team of the knockout phase,
  • Third placed team of the knockout phase,
  • The team with the lowest number of yellow cards,
  • The top member of $EV ranking for Diamond members (Top Scorer),
  • The top member of $EV ranking for Plus/Elite members (Top Assist),
  • The top member of $EV ranking for Prospect/Starter members (Top Defender),
  • Top 8 players of $EV ranking for Diamonds,
  • Top 8 players of $EV ranking for Plus/Elite,
  • Top 4 players of $EV ranking for Prospect/Starter,

Woo, that's a big list!

There are many different rewards for the people and teams listed above and among them are such things like deal boosts, statuettes/cups, sets of high quality gadgets, medals, Under The Wing memberships, access to video recordings, unlimited hand posting, private coachings and most importantly, invitations to the fourth Smart Spin Live Event! What's more, all prizes are cumulative with Smart Spin VIP Program bonuses.


Why is this promotion so great?

Every Smart Spin members wants to be in the Smart League. It's impossible to count here all the knowledge, contacts, coachings and help which Smart League participants receive during our promotion!

This is one of the best ways to improve at poker, something that our founders killuifuplay, bakudranski, iJustGamble and FCDplayer know very well. At some moment in their lives, they decided to abandon the loneliness of playing online poker and make important step forward. Those moments defined their futures at the high stakes HU HTs and made them find lifetime friendships. They took all they could and for sure they do not regret it now!

This is also how we all want to build Smart Spin.

Still not convinced? Our players are the perfect example of how much you can gain in Smart Spin and Smart League itself:

I'd like to thanks Zuber85 my coach in Smart League and Astapoland who helped me with my game and mainly with my mindset. This resulted very well and in the first days of November I finally did it! ~ Wolginho, promoted to $15's during Smart League

The group is active and we get trainings every week. I can't participate in all of them due to my day schedule, but it's nice to be a part of such good team. ~ imjubei2, promoted to $60's during Smart League

I need to say that Faldorn07 is a great motivator. He keeps pushing us to play more and more and he is so disappointed when something is not going his way. ~ trinec, promoted to $60's, about motivation to grind during Smart League

At the beginning we had a skype video call and TomP147 asked us what were our goals for this Smart League. I remember I was playing $30's and told him I was in my “comfort zone” and I didn’t mind if I didn’t improve given that I didn’t have much time outside the tables because I still study and was happy with the results at $30's. He gave me several tips and my game improve a lot allowing me to climb the stakes. ~ blooming94, after moving up to $100 Spin & Go's

One of the staff member had said to me that I will replace one player from Riverpool FC and join Smart League which gave me so much motivation to grind. I knew that I will play against Elite and Diamond player ($60's/$100's) so I must give 120% or I don't have any chance to win. Fortunately, I won 3 first matches and lost the last one against the MVP of the league - ytrer. And right now, when I am writing to you, you just sent me a massage that we secured 2nd place. I'm so happy and wanna say "Thank You" to my coach and all my teammates. ~ strj2000, after getting promoted to $60's


Don't forget to check out more Smart League articles and see how our players are doing at the Spin & Go's tables!

Stay tuned!


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